Microsoft is taking note and is reshaping the Xbox Series X|S interface, closer to fans

A month ago, we got our first look at the new interface for the Xbox Series X|S, which is scheduled to arrive to all users sometime in 2023. Although very continuous, New xbox interface It included some changes, such as reducing the number of blocks, as well as changing the Xbox Game Pass section and other elements.

However, Microsoft continues to work on the offering The most comfortable experience for usersAnd it seems he’s listening to some of the advice being given in this regard, especially from social media. And this, thanks to Clobrill, who in the past created a different concept of what the Xbox Series X|S interface should look like, has shared an update on what the interface looks like now.

As the user pointed out, and as you can see in the image on the outside of this news story, Microsoft has made some changes to the Xbox Series X|S interface for those who are part of the Insider program and are pre-testing the Xbox Series X. Version next year.. In particular, the company seems to have listened to users and now lets us see A larger part of the background which we have on console, while we fixed some animations.

The new Xbox home screen has received several changes. There’s a bit more room for backgrounds at the top and some animations have been fixed to improve browsing.

It keeps getting better, I wish I could zoom in on the top row tiles like games and apps.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft continues to tweak the interface of its consoles. However, it’s clear that this first step in trying to deliver what many customers have been asking for in recent years is a huge step forward, especially since It shows that Microsoft is listening to the community🇧🇷

It’s very likely that we’ll have news of some changes to the Xbox Series X|S’s interface in the coming weeks, and it’s clear that if Microsoft continues down this path, we’ll be in for one next year. The best interfaces we’ve ever seen on Xbox.

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