Microsoft is selling the Forza Horizon bundle for pennies and denying buyers access

The joy of those who bought the two latest games in the series at an unacceptable discount was short-lived

One of Microsoft’s flagship series, Forza Horizon went virtually unreleased in Sweden last week🇧🇷 The package containing the fourth and fifth game of the series was sold by the company for approx. $0.70Giving them both access to the main DLC.

The problem is that usually The package costs more than 200 USD, and it doesn’t drop much lower than that even during advertising periods. Unlike other companies that decided to admit their mistakes and move on, The owner of Xbox decided to revoke the license of anyone who took advantage of the situation🇧🇷

While Forza Horizon 4 and 5 were priced below normal for about two hours, This was enough for hundreds of people to purchase this package🇧🇷 Now, many of them are using forums like ResetEra to report that they lost access to the games and got their pennies back.

Companies have different policies regarding pricing errors

While Microsoft’s move isn’t going down well with some gamers, The company does not appear to have broken any laws by canceling the sales – Especially considering that the amount charged for the titles was definitely a mistake. However, other companies in the gaming world handle similar situations quite differently.

In August of this year, Electronic Arts has announced that it will not remove FIFA 23 from the libraries of players who took advantage of the Epic Games Store bug. buy it. For a limited time, the latest chapter in the football series was available for only R$0.30, guaranteeing access to its most complete version.

As for Forza Horizon 4 and 5, There are no signs that Microsoft has blocked new purchases by users who took advantage of the mistake. Both titles are currently available Xbox Game Pass And they’re part of Steam’s spring sale, too—at 55% off, the bundle comes with two games BRL 359.09🇧🇷

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