Microsoft is releasing more Xbox Series S memory to developers

The company claims that hundreds of megabytes have been released in the new development kit

One of the main requests of developers has just been answered MicrosoftThe company is available for new development kits Xbox series which will allow studios to use more RAM than Xbox Series S During game production, allowing development teams to improve the performance of versions Xbox SSeries S.

The cheapest console of this new generation Microsoft owns only 10 GB against RAM 16 GB from Xbox Series XWhich forces developers to work with different numbers when optimizing performance, even this 6 GB more than Series X be justified by the resolution 4K That’s what the console aims for in its games.

despite Xbox Series S count 10 GB Of the RAM, only 8 GB was intended for developers, as 2 GB was reserved for the console operating system.

in the video distributed by MicrosoftThe company doesn’t specify how much more memory developers will have, but claims it was in the hundreds of megabytes: “Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers. This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance under limited memory.”

While the company hasn’t revealed the amount of additional memory being rolled out, developer reports should be coming soon to say whether the change has affected their games.

Do you believe that increasing RAM for developers will make games better? Do you think memory? Series S smaller than Series X Could it be a problem for the future of the console? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Via: The Verge


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