Microsoft is offering a 10-year contract to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

The company is ready to prove that the acquisition of Activision does not pose a threat to the gaming market

In an effort to convince regulators that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard does not threaten the competitiveness of the gaming market, Microsoft offers 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty series on PlayStation🇧🇷 The information was released by the company itself to the New York Times as proof of its commitment to maintaining the multi-platform nature of the franchise.

This is the first time that it is clear which one The terms an Xbox owner is willing to work with to secure their purchase🇧🇷 Recently, Phil Spencer, who is in charge of the console division, said that the company is ready to sign long-term deals to guarantee its good intentions.

According to the New York Times, in an October meeting with London regulators, Microsoft presented them with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch unitsalong with other devices. The company’s intention was to show how much The gaming market is dynamic and brings with it competitivenessEven on platforms where Call of Duty is not available.

Sony has rejected Microsoft’s proposals in the past

Before the proposed 10-year deal is made public, Sony publicly stated that it was not comfortable with Microsoft’s position🇧🇷 The owner of the Xbox went so far as to say that it would only be provided The next three chapters in the series for the PlayStation, which Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan felt was inappropriate.

While Sony still doesn’t find the new proposition attractive, It gives Microsoft a bit of an advantage when it comes to regulatory review.🇧🇷 However, it doesn’t just need to convince European authorities that the purchase should go through – the US FTC is currently dedicating a team of more than 10 people to reviewing the deal.

According to sources interviewed by the New York Times, The US authority could also become a major obstacle to Microsoft’s plans🇧🇷 At least two people who work for the FTC have reportedly requested sworn testimony from other companies to register their concerns about the possible impact of the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

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Source: New York Times


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