Microsoft has no plans to raise the price of the Xbox Series X and S

The company has publicly confirmed that it will not follow the path taken by Sony.

Official price increases for PlayStation 5 in Europe, Japan and other regions were announced this Thursday (25) morning. It is expected that competing companies will soon take similar actions. However, Microsoft’s announcement posted on the Windows Central website shows this Sony will be alone in its decisionAt least in the near future.

A company representative told the site about it There are no plans to increase the amount charged for Xbox Series X or Series S at this time. It also confirmed that it will maintain the same recommended prices for both versions of its console in all markets where it officially operates.

We are constantly evaluating our business to provide our fans with great gaming options. Our MSRP for Xbox Series S remains $299 (£250, €300) and Xbox Series X is $499 (£450, €500)“- said in the statement released by the company. likewise, Suggested prices in Brazil remain R$2,649 (Series S) and R$4,349 (Series X)which may vary by consultation shop.

Nintendo doesn’t plan to charge more for the Switch

Microsoft’s statement shows that while future adjustments are not out of the question, They should not be fulfilled in the near future. Sony’s decision was motivated by the current moment in the gaming market, which is affecting Rising production and global distribution costsAlso rising inflation in the United States and other countries.

Before announcing the PlayStation 5 price hike, Nintendo had already gone public with the claim No plans to adjust the amount charged by Switch. The company has acknowledged that its profit margins have shrunk, but believes any increase could end up “locking out” access to the device to the user audience it aims to reach.

One of the ways the Japanese company optimizes its distribution processes Reducing the size of Switch cases. By betting on 20% smaller packages, the company hopes to be able to ship more units of product in each container, which guarantees greater efficiency of its distribution channels.

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