Microsoft Flight Simulator: Top Gun: Maverick DLC is available for free

The game is available for PC, Xbox Series S / X and xCloud

THE Microsoft And Asobo Studio Expansion started yesterday (25) Top Gun: Maverick Before the game Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new free expansion Flight Simulator brings some novelty to the movie theme, you will be able to complete missions that include several maneuvers at high speed, in addition to challenging access to the aircraft deck, and you will also have access. Exclusive drawing from the movie The F / A-19E Super Hornet.

Check out the latest news below. DLC.

  • “Top Gun: Maverick Edition” paint for F / A-18E Super Hornet.
  • Three training missions for the Super Hornet that allow you to master extreme flight maneuvers, including unrestricted take-off, Split-S maneuvers, and low-altitude, high-speed maneuvers on difficult terrain.
  • Five high-speed, low-level challenges that require maximum ability to navigate mountains and cross canyons.
  • Landing Challenge on the aircraft carrier deck, one of the most requested operations in the world of military aviation.
  • A hypersonic aircraft detected so far that can reach speeds of up to 10 mph and exceed 150,000 feet above sea level.
  • The mission of whirling in the stratosphere.

We’re pleased to announce today that Microsoft Flight Simulator has released the long-awaited extension ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’ The offer will extend your piloting skills to the limit – and beyond. “

According to Microsoft, the acquisition of Acitivion Blizzard is “moving fast”.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Available Computer, Xbox Series S / X And xCloudWhich can be played on consoles Xbox One By streaming. The game can be played for service subscribers at no extra charge. Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass And Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Did you like the new movie inspired by the free DLC? Top Gun: Maverick? Are you experiencing a novelty? Share your opinion in the comments!

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