Microsoft Edge is gaining performance improvements for PC and Xbox games in the cloud

The browser’s new Clarity Boost promises streaming games with even more image quality

Microsoft released several browser enhancements this Thursday (23) Margin That promise Improve the cloud gaming experience offered to users. Among the news produced by the company is a new home screen that Highlight game news and content related to the Xbox Cloud Gaming catalog.

In both Windows 10 and Windows 11, The browser got a new efficiency mode, Which prevents it from using resources when games are run by a computer. “With this feature, you do not need to close the browser to play and reopen when you are done. As soon as you close the game, Microsoft Edge will exit the efficiency mode and take you back to where you left off.“, Microsoft promises.

Those who use Edge as a game for streaming games through xCloud will also notice an improvement in performance. The company offers a new feature known as “Clarity Boost”Which uses enhancement features to make game images more defined and understandable.

Microsoft promises more news for the future

Clarity Boost has been tested by Microsoft for the past six months As a means of guaranteeing the best possible result for its users. ᲓEnd, Edge will also get a new menu dedicated to free games Random features in a selection that includes games from a company like the popular Microsoft Solitaire.

Edge new features only Some of the news that Microsoft was checking Enhance your gaming experience in recent months. In early June, it announced on Xbox Wire an extensive list of improvements it plans to make, including Reduced latency for online titles And improving technologies such as Automatic HDR.

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All the improvements announced by Microsoft It is now available for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, Who need to make sure their systems are up to date to access them. In the case of streaming games, You will need an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership Take advantage of Clarity Boost upgrades in Edge.


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Source: The Verge


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