Microsoft defends Sony in UK antitrust case: ‘unwarranted concerns’ over Call of Duty

The long-running debate between Microsoft and Sony over the acquisition and management of Activision Blizzard Call of duty Xbox House’s response to the UK CMA following Sony’s complaints continues, saying the concerns are “unfounded” and accepted “without considering the potential harm to consumers”.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has extracted excerpts from a document that Microsoft sent to the UK CMA, which is considering the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and which recently came under pressure from Sony’s Jim Ryan, who is deeply concerned about the possible fate of new games. from Xbox. .

Once again, Microsoft wants to reiterate its position in the gaming market Can’t threaten SonyEven after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. When looking for points, Microsoft reiterated that PlayStation has been the leading platform in the market for over 20 yearswith an installed base of more 150 million consolesWhich makes it bigger than Nintendo and Twice the Xbox.

Sony’s dominant position, according to Microsoft, can also be seen in the fact that it can Increase the price of your consoles without even fear of losing influence in the market, so the fact that it may fear that a third competitor will suppress it is not credible.

they exist “More than 4,000 games available on PlayStation” And the tests showed that the monthly active users on Call of Duty is the minimum percentage of the total. In addition, Microsoft has again said that Sony is also ramping up acquisitions, both in terms of entire teams like Bungie and shares of other companies like Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite.

Note that the document also notes that there are over 280 first- and third-party exclusives on PlayStation in 2021, nearly five times the number on Xbox. To reiterate the concept, Microsoft emphasized that this is the case Among the last console manufacturersin Seventh place on PC And it is practically not represented in the ranking of the main manufacturers of mobile titles.

He also reiterates his desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation, which is seen as a “Commercial Imperative”Especially since Microsoft is likely to rely on revenue from the distribution of Activision Blizzard games on PlayStation platforms, which has also been reported several times in recent months.

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