Microsoft and Unity have teamed up to make it easier to create 3D designs in real-time in the cloud

The Xbox Owner’s Azure tool will facilitate this process

Microsoft, the gaming giant with Xbox and Unity, the owner of the same graphics engine used in game development, They close the partnership “Empowering digital creators, 3D artists and game developers globally”. Through the Azure cloud tool, Unity will “create and operate real-time 3D (RT3D) experiences.

By doing so, Unity will be able to provide tools that support the development of any creation that includes RT3D, whether it’s aimed at games or not. “Our commitment to creators is one we share with our longtime partner, Unity, a global leader in real-time 3D technology,” said Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s CVP of Game Creator Experiences and Ecosystem.

“We’re also committed to expanding the creation and distribution of 3D content, providing relevant tools and technologies to a wider range of developers, and making it easier than ever to bring games to players,” adds Sarah Bond.

For him, the interactive experience of 3D worlds created specifically for games is quickly becoming a world and an experience outside of them. The collaboration between the two companies “will enable developers of Made with Unity games to more easily reach players on Windows and Xbox devices and open new opportunities for success.”

“By expanding advanced developer tools, leveraging the latest platform innovations from silicon to cloud, and simplifying the publishing experience, Unity users will be able to realize their dreams by bringing their games to more players around the world,” explained Bond.

Unity hasn’t been doing too well lately

Shortly after unveiling a new version of its Unity graphics engine with a presentation video that borders on realism, the company laid off several hundred employees in its offices around the world. According to Unity CEO John Rizzitiello, about 4% of employees had to be laid off.

“As part of an ongoing planning process where we regularly measure resource levels against our company’s priorities, we have decided to reallocate some of our resources to better focus and support our long-term growth,” the CEO said. case

Two weeks later, Ricciello himself called the developers idiots for not prioritizing monetization in their games. Of course, this caused a lot of backlash, which led to an apology a few days later.


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Via: WCCFtech Source: Xbox


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