Microsoft and Activision: EU working to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

The European Commission is working to ensure this Call of Duty can also be played on other consolesSpecifically on PlayStation, according to a tweet from a representative of the multinational entity that follows Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The tweet is from Ricardo CardosoThe EU’s deputy head of inter-agency relations and vision, as well as its spokesperson and antitrust expert, who accurately reported that the Commission is working to make Call of Duty playable on other consoles “including my PlayStation.” As reported by Cardoso himself.

The tweet has a rather casual tone as it mocks the image used by the same official EU competition account which shows the two players. with wired control, which is absolutely anachronistic. However, the interruption of the comment and the specific reference to the fact of being a PlayStation user certainly did not go unnoticed and caused considerable controversy in the comments, considering that the person occupies a supranational body that fate decides. About “Purchase”.

In the responses, several users argue that the aim of the EC investigation should be to protect the market and all players from the possible risks of a monopoly position, not just to protect PlayStation users from “the possible absence of duty”. The fact that he wanted to clarify that he was one of those customers They were immediately criticized.

Critics say the image in the tweet with wired controllers shows how the EU is late and doesn’t understand the video game market. Also, they are protecting Sony, not the market or the players.

However, beyond the controversy and tone of the tweet, it is once again clear that the point of contention is essentially the need for Keep Call of Duty cross platformWhich is likely to be the focus of the entire discussion.

Which, however, Microsoft continued to repeatedly intend to do, also specifying that doing otherwise would be economically counterproductive for the company itself.

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