Metz Eduardo Escobar’s hits for the cycle to win the Padres

San Diego – Eduardo Escobar took a long time to warm up this season. But when he became the first Metz player to strike in a cycle since 2012, which he did on Monday night in an 11-5 victory over the San Diego Padre, it looked like he could never stop the blow.

At any time when a player hits the cycle, manager Buck Showalter said: “It’s fun to watch. But especially him. You know how much it means to teammates. “It was almost as if they had been beaten.”

Escobar performed a double single in the first inn with Padres performer Blake Snell. He doubled against Snell in the fourth innings. He missed the eighth home run twice with the soothing Craig Stemann and then cycle dramatically to master the double triple soft on Tim Hill in the ninth.

According to Execution of statisticsEscobar was the first player in Grand League history to complete the cycle with Homer in eighth and triple in ninth.

This was Metz’s first cycle since Scott Hayrstone did it in 2012, and Escobar knew when to put it in the box exactly where it was and what it needed. He said when the ball landed on the grass in the right field, he was sprinting towards the third base independently.

“I was happy he did,” said Francisco Lindor. “They come not so often.”

“I was really happy with what he did tonight,” said starter Carlos Carrasco, who hit 10 and conceded just two runs with seven innings to give the Mets a third win in the first five games of the 10-game Western Journey.

Escobar’s energy is contagious and his personality is contagious. A long-time popular club in Minnesota, Arizona and Milwaukee, Escobar signed a two-year, $ 20 million contract with Metz on Dec. 1, just before the lockout. After a weak start, Escobar reached just .212 in May. But he is now up for 20 60s (.333) in the last 14 games.

And his last two games are even better.

It was Escobar’s sacrificial flight at the end of a tiring 10 pitches, in the eighth innings, on Sunday, in Los Angeles, that briefly advanced the Meccans 3-2 before the Dodgers equalized and Metz won the game 5-4. I 10. He broke five pitches during the match against Bruce Gratherol, including four in a row, before running home.

“I think his teammates will tell you that yesterday at-bat might have been one of the best of the year,” Showalter said. “It somehow reflects the example that everyone is trying to set and follow.”

Then came Monday series opening in San Diego and 4 5 nights with six RBIs. It was the 11th overall cycle in Metz history and the first by any player in Petco Park’s 19-year history.

Escobar named coach Eric Chavez and his teammates for the blows to help him overcome the gap at the start of the season as he struggled to get into the ditch on the plate. “Your moment is coming,” he said, a few telling him.

They were, of course, speaking in a general sense. But Monday turned out to be another special moment for me this season.

“It adds to the journey,” Lindor said.

Escobar was greeted with applause by a small contingent of Metz fans who gathered behind Petco Park’s guests’s dugout for an impromptu celebration.

Yes, Escobar noticed them.

“Great moment,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

Dugun then exploded as soon as he arrived when the inning was over.

“Very quietly, he goes back to his record,” Showalter said. That’s why you trust guys like her who have such good makeup and are so eager. He is frustrated, but he never takes her out on the field and never takes her to the club. He is a good example for everyone.

“I think everyone gets a little bit of special emotion from him. The club was quite fun. “His statement that ‘I’re always proud of you’ was asked tonight.”

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