Mets Lose to Mariners, Seizure of the First Series of 2022

Metz did not miss the series all season, but that series continued when the Seattle Mariners closed the tease novel on Sunday.

Seattle beat New York City in a rubber match at City Field, winning 8-7. Matt had many chances to keep the series alive as Francisco Lindor’s main prospect brought New York 1-0 in the very first innings. JD Davis and Brandon Nimmo triple each in the fourth, and the return of almost the ninth innings left Queens fans furious. But Pete Alonso went too far with a two-stroke, two-stroke-tested swing attempt to remove the sailors’ right-hand man against Diego Castillo, and the game ended with the bases loaded.

“Sometimes, even though it smells bad, you just have to lift your hat,” Alonso said after the game. “He performed very well and gave. As simple as that.”

At the same time, Seattle received the best right-hander from Carlos Carrasco, who was fighting for control of his slider. He withstood four and one-third innings and allowed eight hits, four generated runs and one walk. He struck two.

While Carrasco finally went 5-4 ahead, sailor Mike Ford named him fourth for the double single. Julio Rodriguez, a rookie sensation, then struck a left-footed shot from the left by Chesen Shrews (1-1) in the sixth innings. Seattle Catcher Cal Raleigh continued to hit right-hander Drew Smith in the depths, crushing a 435-foot-long shot on the right pitch to make it 7-5. The Sailors started the last, decisive race in the seventh when Jesse Winker, who had been bothering Mets and their fans for a long time, doubled. Rodriguez left him at home.

“They’s a good team there. I’m surprised by their record because they fought really, really well against us this weekend,” Nimo told the 16-19 Mariners. “They beat them really well.”

Seattle also won the series opening Friday, 2-1. Mariners striker Marco Gonzalez and Metz striker Max Scherzer each limited the opposition. Saturday’s game was a preview of the impending insult in the final as defender Patrick Mazeika, who was called up on Friday to replace the injured James McCain, helped the Mets win more than 5-4. The bottom of the seventh. It happened after Winker hit the match-connecting, three-run Homer on the seventh – and agitated Metz fans by raising their hands to the fans as he crossed the plate after a slow spin around the bases.

“I really do not think much of it one way or another,” Metz manager Buck Showalter said of the Winker Wave. “I’m just trying to get him out. I heard a long time ago that when something happens on the pitch, I look down at the shop and see if it’s important to our boys. If it’s important to them, it’s important to me. I’m not going to go, “Hey, you should be upset about this” or something else.

The Mets, who previously had no worse than splitting the four-game series against Atlanta from May 2 to 4, are now 23-13. They remain comfortably in first place after losing the first series of the Eastern National League season. They spent the first 10 series briefly.

The consecutive series record, which opens the season without a single loss, is 21, set by the 1946 Boston Red Sox. Sarah Langs of MLB.comVia Elias Sports. While the Metals were far from breathing this spirit, they certainly gladly accepted their series.

“We played very good baseball,” Alonso said. “It’s really proud. We had an amazing start. We have to do everything to play well. It has been a very fun season so far. We have to get back on the horse tomorrow. “

Nimo joked: “It is sad to lose the first series of the year, but it would probably happen at some point. It got out of the way and now we can move on. You are used to winning. You enter, turn on the music, dance. This is what you do when you win more games than you lose. You can really take it for granted. ”

Showalter also found joy in the line. However, like his players, he stressed the need to move his team. He knows that any season, even a successful one, is full of series, good and bad.

He does not want the Mets to lose sight of this as they prepare for the new series.

“I can even figure out what that means,” said Showalter, who was referring to the tournament table when asked if he was proud of the series. “But we are preparing to play four games with the Cardinals of St. Louis. Winning three games is hard. So I guess that really puts him in perspective, how difficult it is. ”

The New York series against the Cardinals, which begins Monday in Queens, will be an eye-opener. During the match in St. Louis from April 25 to 27, the two teams made an exception with a few strikes from the Batsman and high and tough offers. The chairs were removed in the final game of this series when the cardinal’s third baseman Nolan Arenado was enraged. Elevated playground by the soothing John Lopez.

Alonso was among the strikers in the series who took the helmet, while Metz, the main league leader in the Heath Batsmen, had previously expressed concern about the frequency with which they collapsed.

“I will give them the right to deal with their players,” Showalter said when asked about Arenado’s reaction. I know our player kicked in the back and went to the first base.

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