Mets Bully their Way Past Nationals for Another Series Win

WASHINGTON – Taijuan Walker stood in front of Juan Soto after hitting him in a collision at a third base that, according to the Washington Nationals slugger, was more violent than necessary.

Walker and Mettle punish NL East.

Walker has made seven innings fuss, a goalless draw and the Mets have remained unbeaten in 10 series this season, alongside the Sloppy Nationals, 4-1 on Thursday.

Walker, the wealthy right-hander, marked Soto in third after Nationals’s top scorer set up an elemental baserunning gaffe, after which Josh Bell struck Grunder on the left side. Soto slipped into Walker’s forearm a few feet in front of the bag and quarreled over an obstacle call, but Walker already had the ball when Soto got there.

“It simply came to our notice then. “I was a little crazy because it was depressing and I did not think it would slip into me,” Walker said. “A smart game, I think the guy was going to go out a second time, but at that moment I was not so happy about it.”

After marking Soto, Walker threw wildly into second base, while right-back Starling Mart returned to third to catch Bell and finish the Nationals’ best chance for the rally.

“Things like that when we’re behind like this are not good base decisions,” said Washington’s manager Dave Martinez. “We need to make better decisions.”

Mark Kanham won 3 to 4 with Homer and three RBIs for first-place Mets, taking two of three from last-place Nationals. The Mets have won nine series and split one, and have not lost two games in a month.

“We have a player of the day. “We give a reward when we come in,” Kanham said. “Today it was me and then what’s cool about this team is that I feel confident that all of our players have won awards at some point this year. “Someone is always a hero and that was the coolest part of this year.”

Walker (1-0) conceded three shots, struck one and threw 85 pitches for the longest of his four starts this season, which was halted due to a right shoulder bursitis.

Seth Lugo hit two in the eighth and Edwin Diaz allowed Soto’s two-out Homer in the ninth before Bell retired to finish four shots.

Soto said he was guilty of a game that occurred after he opened the fourth inning from the wall to the right of center.

“I was just caught in the middle of nothing,” he said. “I tried to skate. I did not try to harm him or anything like that. “He has to give me a place to slip on my feet.”

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