Metroid 64: An independent project showing what the adventures of Samu Aran would be like on Nintendo 64

Nintendo has not released any games for the franchise console.

Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about it Metro At Nintendo 64? Reported Kotaku Post to user TwitterCalled The battle of Aquino, Where he shows the first images of the project he is developing for the version Metroid 64 Which was never released Nintendo.

Because it is an independent production and Nintendo is known for abusing its intellectual property rights by its lawyers, this fan-created game may never come out, but watch the video for the project below. Aquino.

“Finally, while working on # Metroid64, I adjusted the small details and inserted the test texture. gamedev # 3dmodeling # 3D “

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“Today I’m taking a break from #Development because my real job needs it, but here ‘s an old video showing camera movement in the building #Metroid # metroid64 # NINTENDO64 # n64 #fangame # F2P # unity3d # unity2d #unity # Blender3d # game development # Zelda # სამუსი “

See the story below, which he wrote himself. Akino mourning What would be his version Metroid 64.

“Samus Aran and the Galactic Federation Squadron accompanies the cargo ship Gemini-502-86, which is heading to the mining planet 799-Pegasi-B, carrying a precious cargo of minerals and rocks. Landed on an inhospitable and unknown planet, where most of the crew die as a result of a powerful explosion caused by a violent accident on the planet’s surface.

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Scattered in a large cloud of toxic gases emitted by the twin blasts and surrounded by enemies in all directions, Samus bravely fights for life, but the enemy overcomes them and he easily gets into a corner, but when all is lost, seconds. An explosion from the ruins of the twins opens the surface of an alien planet, takes Samus with him and at the same time saves his life.

After a long fall and several minutes of unconsciousness, Samus wakes up alone, traumatized and without any communication in the depths of the planet’s subway canals. Now, Samus will have to find his companions and the survivors of Gemini-502-86 and at the same time discover the evil plans of the space pirates on an alien planet … “

THE Nintendo 64 There was a video game that received several franchises from companies like Mario, Donkey Kong And The Legend of GeldaExcept that there was a console that gave rise to new franchises like Super Smash Bros. And Animal Crossing (In Japan), however, is a franchise Metro Accompanied by heroin Samus Aran And which won many fans NES And SNES Exhausted version “Metro 64”Reappeared on consoles between company titles GameCubeRunning three-dimensional adventures Metroid Prime, A FPS Lots of searches and two extensions to win GameCube And WiiThe company is currently developing a name Metroid Prime 4 for that Nintendo Switch.

What did you think “Metro 64” Created by Akino mourning? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Via: Kotaku


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