“Metacritic’s sales driver days are over,” says the CEO of Evil Dead’s Saber.

For a company, social networks, influencers and word of mouth are more important than aggregator

One of the leading site of note aggregator in the world, Metacritic is often used by gamers to quickly determine the quality of a game – and in determining the bonuses of their employees by companies. However, Saber Interactive believes that The power of the vehicle is reduced And the notes there are no longer important enough to determine game sales.

Saber CEO Matthew Karch was asked during the release of Embracer Group’s latest fiscal report The evil dead. He said The game works better than expected from the insideWhich includes both your sales and your scores on specialized websites.

Other things we learned”, Explained KarchIs that the time of Metacritic ratings, which determines how well the game sells, is long gone“. According to the executive power, it is much more important for the product to work today “Social media, influencers and word of mouth“.

Games for sale in their quality.

Karch also said Game sales are more related to the quality of its performance than the classes they may have. “I can name a few games that had eight and nine that, I can tell, the publishers wanted to never come out with. It’s wonderful to put a mark on the wall, but if you can not buy the nail that hangs on it, what is the point?“.

During the meeting, The CEO of Saber Interactive also admitted that it is difficult to focus on the game when it is so close to such a massive hit as Elden Ring.. However, he noted that these days, even “premium games” need to have sales strategies that go beyond the first month of release in order to survive.

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The estimates are as follows Evil Dead sold at least 500,000 units in its first week, A number that should be supported in the form of several future DLCs. According to Karchi, it is Only “The first release of the new franchiseAnd Saber intends to explore similar experiences based on horror series created in the past.


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