Meet yanxnz, the moment of FURIA’s Rocket League

For just over a year rage, Ian Nolascoknown as yanxnzis a major name in the competitive scenario Rocket League in South America. Born in Oro Preto, Minas Gerais, he changed his dream of being a real soccer player to become a professional in virtual car soccer. But before Brazil and a large part of the international community was regarded as the best in the world in the game epic gamesyanxnz was needed to gain support at home.

in an exclusive interview EnemyYanxnz shared the details of his first contact with gaming and his start in Rocket League. In addition, the player also talked about family support, joining FURIA, and his professional and personal life on the future project.

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Influenced by his father, Fernando Nolasco, Yanks began playing games at the age of nine or ten. From the beginning, his passion for football made him a favorite game FIFABut later the game started Call of duty and GTA not yet PlayStation 2. Then the young man left Xbox 360Started focusing only on GTA and then made friendships that would change his life.

“That’s when I met an in-game friend named Joao Pedro, and we started playing together practically every day. At that time, it launched PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I wanted to buy a PlayStation 4, but this friend of mine bought an Xbox One and convinced me. I got on the Xbox One and just kept playing GTA, GTA, GTA… until Joao bought a game called Rocket League and said maybe I’d like to play it because I like football and cars, so that was it Great game.revealed by yanxnz.

At the time, Rocket League wasn’t in yanxnz’s budget, but he insisted on getting the money to buy the game. That’s when he found an alternative: he took advantage of the bugs from the online server JTA 5 Instead of money.

“When I went to see it, Rocket League was expensive, about 50 reais, and I couldn’t buy it. It was just me making some mistakes in GTA that was paying money at the time. Then I bought Rocket and started playing it and I think it’s working well so far.”– said the player.

Old setup by yanxnz (photo: personal archive)

Rocket League has put together useful and enjoyable yanxnz: football and cars. Therefore, the result could not have been different. “It’s just that there are two things I like the most: playing football in real life and in video games and in the car. He combined the two and it became a great game. It was a game I was missing in my life and now it’s a total addiction.”he explained.

Almost everyone dreamed of playing football in Brazil and with yanxnz it was no different. He says he was close to entering the base categories cruise On different occasions, but in the end they all went wrong. As a result, the wing red starA futsal team from Ouro Preto, played only in local competitions in the region before becoming professional players in the Rocket League.

I was close to becoming a football player when I was 12-13 years old. I took the Cruzeiro’s basic category test three times, but failed three times. First I twisted his leg. Second, my coach, who was going to take me, broke his hip in a car accident. And on the third one, I felt sick and couldn’t go because I was vomiting a lot. After that, I continued to play and nothing happened.”Yanksnz said.

rocket league epic games yanxnz furia

yanxnz holds the Futsal Mariana Cup top scorer trophy for Estrela Vermelha from Ouro Preto (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In a joking tone, Yanksnz met two acquaintances in the game and went to the qualifying match. DreamHack Montreal 2019. With little expectations, they entered all three tournaments looking to make a first impression and were able to defeat players who were considered professional players at the time. After what was once a joke, it became a reality.

“I gathered two of my friends and played the championship just for fun. We were not so bad and we even played against professional players. We played the championship only because of how it was and we beat them. We were still in the tournament, but out of INTZ. We saw that I had a future and that’s when I knew I could become a professional player.Yanksnz said.

Convinced that he had a future professional career in the game, the Yankees changed teams twice before reaching a rebel, which was the first organization of his career. In it, he began to stand out and caught the attention of FURIA. The rest is history…

“I used to play tournaments for Rebel and perform until the FURIA invitation. At first, I was called by Karada, who told me that I was playing well and called me instead of Thunder. They tried it on me and it was good, thank God. The card was already an inspiration for me and CaioTG1 was considered one of the best in South America. At least FURIA was a gift. It’s like two dreams have come true at the same time.”said.

rocket league epic games yanxnz furia

yanxnz (left), CaioTG1 (center) and Karta (right) (Photo: Publicity/RCLS)

Between joining Rebel with his first career paycheck and joining FURIA, yanxnz’s life at home has been full of ups and downs. If earlier his parents opposed him to live with the game, today the situation has changed. both mothers Cleusa NolascoAs for the father Fernando NolascoThey are just proud of their son’s trajectory.

“During the uprising, my parents first started supporting me. I started getting money from championships and they left it at that. It was always a fight. They said I was “addicted” and that I “needed to learn.” I was outstanding even when FURIA called me, but my parents had no idea what FURIA was. I explained it to them and both mom and dad were delighted. Nowadays they are [pai e mãe] They help me a lot. super quiet”Amkhila Yankhnz.

Goals, passes, defense and everything that the best player in the world needs is what yanxnz has been showing for FURIA in 2022 despite winning the World Cup for the organization. It is not surprising that the Brazilian and international community started this conversation on social networks and even in the official broadcasts of the game’s tournaments. But, according to the Brazilian professional player himself, it is too early to talk about it. However, yanxnz believes he is in the top 10 in the world.

“I don’t see myself as the best in the world. I always see that I can improve. This hype that I am the best in the world or the best in Brazil motivates me to dedicate myself more. I take it to push myself harder until I consider myself the best in the world. […] Many people say that I am in the top three in the world, but I don’t see it. Not in the top three or five, but I see myself in the top ten in the world.”revealed by yanxnz.

rocket league epic games yanxnz furia

Photo: Play/Twitter

In the future, yanxnz wants to go on a honeymoon with FURIA and thus continue to fight for the top positions in Rocket League competitions. In addition, he directly states that he aims to be on top of the gaming world and, if possible, wants to fulfill two dreams outside of it.

“Professionally, I want to maintain consistency, qualify for the LAN Championship and have good results. Like it or not, being a world champion will always be my goal until I retire. Personally, I dream of buying a very fashionable house and a car.”he concluded.

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