Meet Untamed Isles, a “Pokémon-style” open-world MMORPG featuring 1.5 million species of monsters ⋆

As everyone knows, games that follow the “style Pokemon”, that is, that bet on the idea of ​​​​capturing and training different types of monsters is very popular, and there is no shortage of examples to prove it. We have similar games has, Sanctuary of the Monsters, Chimeraland and many others. However, it looks like there is one more title to join this group. So that’s it! baptized as untamed islandsThe game revealed Phat loot studios And his promises are already attracting a lot of attention… Shall we meet?

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By releasing a presentation trailer (which can be seen below this post) and a press release, developers Phat Loot Studios have turned their attention to the upcoming Untamed Isles. Overall, this is an MMORPG that will focus on the idea of ​​exploring a vast open world to find small monsters, capture and train them. However, one of the game’s promises has attracted a lot of attention. That is, the development team confirmed that there will be 1.5 million types of monsters in the game, which is a really scary number.

Just to give you an idea, the Pokemon franchise has yet to cross the thousand monster mark; Temtem counts with 164; Monster Sanctuary has just over 100 and so on… Of course, there is some explanation for the variety of monsters in an MMORPG, but still, the promise of 1.5 million monster species is pretty bold. In addition, the developers also mentioned that the game will have a good dose of PVP and PVE content, dungeons, crafting systems and turn-based combat (but with real-time action). In short, Untamed Isles is a game that could end up being very successful. So it’s good that we continue to evolve the project very carefully.

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