Meet the only player who was active on the computer in Babylon’s Fall

The lack of popularity of the game attracted the lone wolf

The fall of Babylon did not go well from the day of its publication. We have just shown here that The PC version had only one active player on Steam. He was the only person playing on Steam that day Dashiell Wood, A freelance journalist for some sites like PCGamer. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the solo player said that the game has flaws, but it is “fascinating”.

After the site VGC For the first time imagining that only one player was active in the fall of Babylon, Dashiell Wood posted a new story on Twitter, saying, “No kidding, this is me literally.” For a journalist, The factor that attracted him was the lack of popularity of the game And he thinks that because there are so few people talking about the title, many may not have even tried it. “Something attractive is that he was one of the few people who tried the game. It may not be a good experience, but it is certainly unique,” Wood said.

Asked if he remembers what he was doing when he was the only active player on Steam, he said he entered the game to test event items in collaboration with the game in collaboration with Nier Automata as well as Platinum Games. “Unfortunately, the hub is not very well designed, so I mostly looked at the online guide to find the location of the store,” the player explains.

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Dashiell believes that “there is a basis for a decent online game.” “The biggest problem for me is the visuals. Everything has this muddy filter. When you look at screenshots on a store page or in gameplay trailers, the last thing you think is, ‘Oh wow, it’s like a game. I want to play. ”Wood continues that the developer still tried to improve the graphics, but to no avail.

His next line made me laugh as he read: “I managed to finish Balan Wonderworld and Left Alive, so I’m not going to stop the fall of Babylon soon. At least until I hear the whole story. Content.” In case you didn’t know, the two games brought up by Wood are among the worst games of recent years.

Crashing another road?

Platinum Games is known for its Bayonetta franchises, NieR: Automata and Metal Gear: Revengeance, all with hack n ‘slash titles. Babylon’s Fall, on the other hand, is an online RPG as well as battles in the style of a studio experience, but it did not even come close to the above titles.

The game was distributed by Square Enix, and while Babylon’s Fall was in development, the Final Fantasy 14 Online team borrowed the game from Platinum, after players explored the use of game tools and equipment from Square in the beta phase. The developer even went so far as to ask players for help with feedback so he could improve the game. Despite the setbacks, Square Enix has already indicated that it will continue to develop new content for the title.


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Source: rock, paper, shotgun


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