Meet the Brazilian game Host 714 to escape from a horrible rehab center

Game Drops received information from QUByte. Meet the Brazilian game Host 714 to escape from the horrible rehab center.

QUByte Interactive, in partnership Studio on TengukaHappy to announce a new game: host 714, which will be available Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 in on September 29.

Host 714 is a Stealth genre game in which you control SquidA drug addicted homeless man who was invited by a government organization Institute orangeJoining a rehabilitation center with experimental treatment and social reintegration.

arrival Orange Institute Emu on a distant island Squid Realizing that the proposal was not what it seemed. Now you are a test subject with an uncertain future.

From abandoned dungeons to modern laboratories. From abusive guards to heartless patients. sounds and sights Host 714 It will leave you in constant tension, loneliness, and a pounding heart in the hallways Orange Institute.

Explore areas, find keys, access cards, talk to other prisoners and solve mysteries to find a way out of this hellish place full of locked doors and inaccessible areas.

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Meet the Brazilian game Host 714 to escape from the horrible rehab center. Photo: Disclosure

Game features

  • Challenging Stealth gameplay
  • Good storytelling and quirky atmosphere
  • Unique game mechanics
  • A familiar hero and villain

For more information, join the Discord community and follow QUByte on Twitter.

Official page

Youtube trailer

About Qubyte Interactive

QUByte is the largest developer and publisher of console games in Latin America. Our goal is to grow the industry by partnering to port and publish games previously classified as limited access to all available platforms.

as for Studio on Tenguka

An independent Brazilian game development studio focused on pixel art style games. Creators of Host 714 and Pixies ‘n Crafts.

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