Meet the Brazilian game doomed to hell

Game Drops has received official information from QUByte. Meet the Brazilian game doomed to hell. Check it out.

QUbyte Interactive, partnership GagonfHappy to announce a new game: doomed to hell which will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S 20 of October.

doomed to hell is an action-packed top-down rogue-like shooter! You play as Rose, and even though you’ve just died, your adventure has just begun.

Fight your way out of hell through hordes of monsters, explore different biomes, fight bosses, collect as many items as possible and upgrade your weapons and skills.

Your ticket out of hell is to kill all its inhabitants. Encounter many types of enemies and their various unique attacks through different waves. Choose skills between waves and get ready for more challenges!

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Meet the Brazilian game doomed to hell. Photo: Disclosure

End the overpopulation in Hell to reclaim your life on Earth!

Game features

  • Lots of different weapons and skills
  • Collect coins and upgrade to become stronger
  • Epic and challenging boss battles
  • Amazing pixel art and soundtrack

For more information, join the Discord community and follow QUbyte on Twitter.

Youtube trailer

as for QUbyte interactive

QUbyte is the largest developer and publisher of console games in Latin America. Our goal is to grow the industry by partnering to port and publish games previously classified as limited access to all available platforms.

About Gagonfe

A game designer, programmer and game developer who works and dedicates himself to the game market. He has developed indie games such as Gemini, Toroom and Dungeon Color.

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