Meet Goldilock One, a Brazilian indie game presented at BGS!

during our visit Indy Aveon Brazilian game showWe had the pleasure of meeting you in the game called Goldilocks onewhich is a game developed by a Brazilian studio Shed of ideas.

Goldilock One is a project that is in the development stage, where the support of the Brazilian community is very important for the continuity of the evolution of the project and the development of other platforms.

In the game we are in control Urianwho was recently deported BegardeThe cold and dark side of the planet Goldilocks one. With his memory hazy in a place overrun by convicted criminals, his main concern is survival.

Project Director Will Emmerich notes that:

In addition to being completely independent, it took about 3 years to develop, involving more than 20 professionals from various fields. Illustrators, 3D modelers, animators, game designers, generalists, programmers and many other professionals believed in the project and worked hard to get us to where we are. Now we are ready to show you what we have and also what is planned for future development. I hope the fans enjoy it and we can conquer our space with the support of the Brazilian community. “

The game doesn’t have a set release date yet, and the decision will be made based on the crowdfunding campaign they launched. They emphasized that they want the Brazilian community to be an active voice in the development of the game with feedback from the alpha version available to all players who support the project.

You can check more details about the game at this link:

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