Meet God-Machine, a Brazilian cyberpunk indie game

Drops de Jogos received official information from the Brazilian company. Meet God-Machine, a Brazilian cyberpunk indie game. Check it out.

Robots, heavy metal and cyberpunk theme. Also add a rogue-like structure and arenas where you’ll need endless combos to survive. Put it all together and you have God-Machine – Shogun CyberMetal Arena, a new indie game developed by the Paulists of Mnstr Studio.

The game is scheduled for release in September 2023, but it already has a free demo on STEAM. Here you can get a taste of what the title suggests. You control Kanshi, a robot samurai who needs to survive in arenas full of evil enemies. In your hands, the Electric Katana Sword is what you need to defeat your opponents in the most elegant way possible.

Check out the latest God-Machine trailer:

And we’re not talking about the style for nothing: the game’s art direction provides intense visuals with its own identity and helps develop the work’s non-stop action climate. In addition to the sword, Kanshi can pick up regenerative items and other weapons – including fire – to ensure survival. Now it’s up to you to control the character and make crazy combos in the top-down arenas. The dynamism of the combat is what draws attention as you take turns shooting enemies. There are several weapons and upgrades to make things even more awesome as the player progresses.

But you are very wrong if you think it will be easy. For starters, the arenas follow a cheat style of progression. That is: every time you play, they are randomly generated and you will never have the same experience as before. This directly affects the positioning and behavior of enemies, as well as the structure of arenas. At the end of each level, part of the ground collapses and you have to be on your toes to avoid falling with it.

And God-Machine’s hack n’ slash style is limited to a non-stop heavy metal soundtrack from the moment you enter the game’s login menu. The soundtrack was composed by Fernando Rizzato, one of the founders of Mnstr Studio and the game’s art director.

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Meet God-Machine, a Brazilian cyberpunk indie game. Photo: Playback/YouTube

“God-Machine is the result of years of consumption of games, comics, anime and other media with similar themes. The soundtrack is a simple tribute to the sound we grew up listening to in the studio, so it’s a project we put a lot of dedication and love into the development process,” he tells us.

But it doesn’t stop there. God-Machine is just the first game in this world that Mnstr is creating. The idea is not only games, but also the development of other media embedded in it. “We want to not only give you a game that will keep you entertained for hours, but also a fully immersive experience.” Everything that happens in the arena of God-Machine is not random, and there is always a reason in the story for every detail, enemy or scenario”, explains Kathryn Novak, game producer and responsible for the story of the work.

All this makes God-Machine one of the most promising indie games on the Brazilian scene at the moment. A major festival held in São Paulo in early July named it the best Brazilian game in the category, and those who saw the event (in person or online) voted it 3rd best in the category out of 11 nominees. In other words: the game has barely revealed its details and is already attracting attention.

To learn more about God-Machine, we recommend you follow their STEAM page and add the game to your wishlist to receive updates and new free demos. There is also Mnstr Studio social media, where the team frequently posts news, announcements, behind-the-scenes developments, details about the game, and much more.

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