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Gamepix is ​​a website that offers a collection of free online games directly to your computer browser such as Friv and Poki. With easy navigation and lots of content, the page can be ideal for those looking for hours of fun with games, including multiplayer, without spending anything. It should be noted, however, that popular games from major franchises are not available on the site: Gamepix focuses on games from small developers that cannot be published on large platforms. Therefore, it is not ideal for games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers or Krunker, but for independent titles with similar suggestions. See below for more information on the site.

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The platform offers action, adventure, card, racing, shooting, board, multiplayer, combat, strategy and “” games – Photo: Disclosure / Unsplash (Frederick Tendong)

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Gamepix is ​​an attractive gaming site that is truly free, despite its thought-provoking name, and has easy access to dozens of games in a variety of styles and genres. The site runs on HTML5, a programming language aimed at current Internet animations and interactive players, making it lightweight and compatible with most computers. While free, the site has a few ads: The user sees only ads that appear from time to time and allows the platform to be monetized for developers.

Narrow One is the archery FPS offered on Gamepix – Photo: Reproduction / Luiza M. Martins

The top menu indicates available game genres such as action, adventure, card, racing, shooting, board, multiplayer, combat, strategy, and “” that contain some hits from the past, such as and Paper. io 2. Clicking on one of the categories will take you to the filtered directory, very simple and intuitive.

In the top menu of the site the user has easy navigation options – Photo: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Gamepix is ​​quite easy to use because it works well in any browser – in tests conducted by TechTudo, We use Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Just click on the game you want, wait for it to open and enjoy, without downloading anything. Most of the games offered use the mouse pointer for commands, but some also need a keyboard. For example, first-person shooters use AWSD keys to navigate.

Select a game on Gamepix – Photo: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

As mentioned, there are no games from well-known brands like Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, but many games have similar suggestions for others that are well-known and equally fun. One of the most experienced games was Shell Shockers, a first-person shooter with eggs for people. Another is Time Shooter 2, where you have to destroy people when everything around you is paralyzed. The catalog has dozens of games for the most diverse tastes and purposes. Just pick one and start having fun.

Shell Shockers is one of Gamepix’s games – Photo: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

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