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Dislyte is a free-to-play action RPG for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones produced by Chinese studio Lilith Games. It is considered as one of the competitors of Genshin Impact, despite having a slightly different gameplay. The action and combat here is turn-based, unlike Mihoyo’s title, which is real-time. But, similarly, it uses characters with visually inspired Asian animations, in addition to bringing elements of gods from different mythologies, such as Thor, Artemis, Bastet or Hela, allowing players to assemble their teams and battle teams.

Dyslite is also quite diverse. The game features combat, strategy, character interaction simulator, and even music-based gameplay. As the user progresses through the story, it is possible to unlock more espers, as gods are called in this game, and create unique configurations for battles. See below for more information on the mobile title.

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Meet Dislyte, a free-to-play mobile RPG that promises to rival Genshin Impact — Photo: Disclosure / Lilith Games

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Like most famous RPGs in gaming, Dislyte has a story and a world to engage its players. The game takes place in a futuristic environment where mysterious manifestations called miracles occur and awaken supernatural forces that can destroy everything in their path, besides creating various problems.

It is in this scenario that people who channel the power of gods from Norse, Chinese and Egyptian mythologies, called Espers, appear. As such, they have access to unique and superhuman fighting abilities such as super strength, attacks that include magic, healing, agility, high speed, defense, power surges, and more.

There are currently 60 Espers available to recruit, of the most varied types and genres. Options range from more aggressive characters to healing-oriented characters as well as damage control, allowing you to swap out team members and test different strategies. More characters will be added in the updates, as the producer already promised.

The game features Esters, characters inspired by various gods — Photo: Disclosure / Lilith Games

The game doesn’t have the extensive exploration of scenery as in Genshin Impact, but its characters are similar in terms of design, and the combat scores similar points in some attacks, especially in terms of visuals. Even turn-based duels bring well-defined animations and are full of emotion. There is a heavy emphasis on special moves launched by Espers, which alternate between the battle screen and focusing on the character currently attacking.

In battle, there is a queue in the order in which characters can act, whether they are allies or enemies. You have to program the attacks to appear as a command. If an enemy attacks before your ally heals you, for example, defeat is almost certain. Although the game is free to play, Dislyte doesn’t offer much in the way of barriers to combat for those who want to play without paying for extra perks like character buffs or extra Espers. The game is well balanced in this respect.

Another aspect that draws attention to Dislyte is its content, as there is a lot to do on a small screen. For example, the music game is not a focus, but appears when unlocking characters in luck-based minigames. It is also possible to spend items obtained during battle or purchased with real money, if necessary.

Requirements to play Dislyte

Despite the use of 3D graphics, Dislyte is a light and modest game. Your download weighs less than 800MB and will not install on your phone after the initial download. It is also necessary to always be connected to the Internet for the game to work. As for platforms, the game runs on Android 6 or higher phones and it is further specified that it supports OpenGB 3.1 technology. On iPhone (iOS) it is important to have iOS 11 or later installed.

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