Matt Carpenter helps the Yankees Crush Cubs

David Ross has won the World Series twice since the Yankees last got there in 2009. Both of his championship teams were making big bucks in the big markets – first the Boston Red Sox and then the Chicago Cubes. But he never thought any team would ever fight.

“I swim around enough of baseball to know that there is never ‘always,'” said Ross, a former catch who now runs the Cubes. “I do not think this is the case. Each year is unique and can be a lot of trouble. “It’s hard to keep up.”

Hard, but not impossible: Look at the Yankees spinning an enhanced version of a team that has been around for three decades.

At the moment they have the best record in the Majors, 44-16 weeks after defeating the Cubans 18-4 at Yankee Stadium. The franchise has only four times achieved a better start with 60 games: with Baby Ruth in 1928, with Joe DiMaggio in 1939, with Mickey Mantle in 1953, and with Derek Jeter in 1998.

All of these teams have won World Series and compliance with this result will be the only standard of success in 2022. This is life in stripes.

“We have a lot of guys here, really, we’ve done a lot of nothing,” Outfield Aaron Judge said after crushing two of the Yankees’ six homers on Saturday. We have Rizzo, Chapi, a few more guys with a few rings from the World Series – but this team has done a lot of nothing together.

Anthony Rizzo and Aarold Chapman won the rings with the Cubans in 2016 when Ross – in his 15th and final season – took the field on the shoulders of teammates after his 7th game in Cleveland. The cube had young talent and cash. Didn’t you think it was the start of a long period of constant confrontation?

“I would say yes and all of a sudden last year they released all the guys we were all afraid of, who we all thought were a big part of what they were doing,” Yankees said. Matt Carpenter, the longtime St. Louis Cardinal, who visited twice and ran seven hits on Sunday through the central rival of his old National League.

“It simply came to our notice then. That’s why it’s really remarkable here – I know they haven’t won since 09, but they’ve been really good for a long time. The same is true in St. Louis: they have not won since 2011, but they have been really good since then. There is something to be said for teams that constantly give themselves a chance to be there.

The Cardinals, who lead NL Central, continue their 15th winning season in a row. The Los Angeles Dodgers are a safe bet to increase their series to 12. Yankees? This will be their 30th consecutive winning season. And when playoff venue standards are getting lower – six teams per league will reach this season – a winning record could be all it takes to reach the October tournament.

“When I was there for the first time, we had some bad seasons, but we were not a bad team,” said Cuban rider David Robertson, who played nine seasons with the Yankees from 2008-2018. “Now the extended playoffs, this team, they will be in it, I would say, every year.

Robertson, a 37-year-old right-hander, is having another casually dominant season that is hard to beat with lots of hits. He joined the Amateur Men team last year before reaching the playoffs with Tampa Bay; Last winter, at the Rhode Island home, during a lockout, he kept in shape and beat the undisputed locals in tennis before signing with Cubes. He will soon make a good trade part.

The Cubs, 23-36, are full of such replacements, a list of mobile trailers that continue their day-to-day operations on the construction site. After a big defeat on Friday, they thoroughly overdid it: the Yankees smashed their pitchers with Homers, waited for them to walk, and punished them on Sunday after a second and third runners fell on the pitch.

It is preserved by tradition; Cuba has never won in the Bronx, scoring all 12 games, including four World Series matches in the 1930s. It also reflected the mantra of the current Yankees who know how good they are and seem desperate to prove it every day, a rare mix of ego and drive that sets the best teams.

“I would say we are very perfect with our victories, while some teams in the past, if we had not beaten Homers, sometimes we would not have won,” said suburban and appointed striker Giancarlo Stanton. “But we find different ways to defeat teams. If you give us extra, we will use it and just be tough on the opponent, trying to overcome everyone. You are not going to win everyone, but that is the way of thinking. “

On Saturday, Stanton hit a curved ball on a second deck hanging low on the left; He stepped back on the lower chairs and landed on the field. It was the heaviest-hit Homer Major this season, beating the bat at 119.8 miles per hour, while the poor Cubs pitcher, rookie right-winger Matt Swarmer, squirmed and spun – his eyes widened, his mouth glazed – as if shivering. Overhead. No one hits the ball like Stanton.

“You’re weird,” manager Aaron Bunn told Dugut. It was a high rating.

The Yankees thrive in all areas; They have the most runs in the American League and the least allowed in the Majors. Their payroll, at about $ 247 million, ranks third after the Mets and Dodgers. They maintain a star-oriented business strategy with imports like Stanton and star Gerrit Cole, but develop from the inside and hunt for deals (Nestor Cortes, Clay Holmes, Isa Keener-Falefa, Jose Trevino) like everyone else.

The figures fit in particularly well this season, perhaps well enough to deliver this awkward 28th championship; The next two weeks, with Tampa Bay, Toronto and Houston, will be a better barometer of the Yankees’ chances.

Either way, the rest of the schedule is a really long – but fun – warm-up for the post-season. When the Cubans and others rebel and on the waves of recovery, the Yankees do what they always do. They do it better than they have been doing for a long time.

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