Matt Booty wants to show off Fable and is looking for quality from Forza Horizon

Fable will be shown only and only when the development team is ready to present the game to the public: said Matt Booty at PAX West 2022, explaining that the studio absolutely does not want to take any risks and feels the responsibility for a project like it wants to maintain the quality , as they do with Forza Horizon.

There have been some minor development updates over the last few months, but how many more will we get? During a special session at this year’s PAX, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booth was asked what’s the latest in the new Fable title.

In fact, the head of Microsoft Studios explained that Playground Games strives to do everything at its best, and that we will find the same in Fable. Quality and commitment that everyone appreciated on the series Forza Horizon.

As much as he wanted to share more with his fans, it seems Playground doesn’t want to reveal anything yet. Here’s exactly what he had to say:

“Part of my job is to provide air cover for the team, they don’t want to show things until they’re ready, but if there’s a game where it goes backwards every time I see something and I say. “We have to show it” is a proverbwhy has Lots of cool stuff… The team made it clear that I won’t show anything until it’s ready.

“Playground, I’ll just say the craftsmanship and dedication they brought to Forza Horizon, tAll this will be used on Fable and will be understood…let’s be honest, giving a fairy tale to a racing team can be a bit difficult, but They’ve proven they understand and I’m thrilled When it’s time to show more.”

This latest update follows rumors in recent months that have raised concerns about the scale of the project. This concern was also addressed by the development team – stating that this process was a normal and necessary part of game development. Based on Matt Booty’s recent comment, it seems The new tale is doing well.

We saw something similar in Forza Horizon 5, the game was demoed and released to the public in a few weeks. This seems to be the case with Fable, they want the game ready so they can start marketing.

One statement in particular stands out in Booth’s speech when he basically says this Fans of the franchise can rest assured as they will have Fable: Not something different, not a reinterpretation, but The essence of the original experience in the updated version.

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