Master System Phantasy Star will host a national repro-technology blog

Originally released in 1987, Star of Fantasy Gathered a legion of fans on the Master System. Its cartridge version is hard to find nowadays, except that it has high prices. However, a group of Brazilian fans will release a new edition, with the latest Portuguese translation and a few additions.

The game has started a cult franchise to date (Image: Disclosure / Sega)

Announced in partnership with collector Ricardo Wilmer by Retrô Games Store, a new version of Sega’s classic masterpiece will be released to fans. This is a repro cartridge (single reproduction). Therefore, it should be noted that it is not the original and official cartridge of Sega or TecToy.

Package “Star of Fantasy GameBox Collection Edition ”includes:

  • Cartridge with direct memory storage option;
  • Genesis USA Standard Case;
  • Insert;
  • Manual;
  • Game catalog / poster;
  • წიგArt book;
  • Cards and cardholders;
  • Collector Certificate – Numbered and in the name of a personalized person.

The full text of the adventure will be in Portuguese, but it will not be the same translation TecToy made in 1991. The work in this regard is a re-translation of the user “Mad Dentist” in 2017.

The pre-sale price of the whole package is 489 R $. For those who pre-order their copy, an extra set of fabric maps will be given as an extra gift. If you would like more information, you can contact the group directly.

Phantasy Star GameBox Collection Edition
Full Phantasy Star Repro Package for Master System (Image: Disclosure / Retro Games)

Sega’s RPG franchise was created by big names in the industry such as Yuji Naka and Rieko Kodama. The Japanese company has released more than 15 branded games to date, the first four of which have a turn-based fighting style so well known in the genre.

However, over time, Star of Fantasy Followed other paths. The game has become an adventure with powerful multiplayer and online focus. His last attempt to so-called Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis And available for PC and Xbox One.

Anyway, the franchise has never lost its popularity. Some nostalgic fans may be blown away by the latest versions of MMORPG style, but there are always new gamers interested in getting to know the world of Sega’s work.

If you want to know more about the original game, check out Meio Bit Special.

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