Marvel’s Spider-Man: See the comparison between PS5 and PC versions with RTX 3090

The new version of the game has the main advantage of offering performance that goes beyond 60 FPS

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered It won’t be officially released on PC until next Friday (12th), but its review embargo has already dropped, revealing a graphically packed version. It started to appear with him The first comparison videos between the game’s launch and the PlayStation 5 versionUntil then, it was considered the most perfect.

YouTube channel GameXplain has posted a video that goes over eight minutes long The first fragments of the full version of the game and cross-platform comparisons. During the PC version (launching the game a RTX 3090) does not completely replace what was seen on Sony’s consoles, its maximum quality shows minor visual and performance improvements.

Despite this, You have to have a keen eye to notice the differences in the new version, especially when the game is in motion. However, when using the maximum parameters, it is clear that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is getting a wider look at PCs and textures that appear more detailed on the screen.

Performance is the main advantage of a computer

This is also shown in the comparison video It seems that the game brings brighter images with the new adaptation, but this can be attributed to the settings set by the video recorder. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see which options GameXplain is using, although the preference for loyalty mode in the PlayStation 5 version is clear.

It is also possible to see how the ray traces behave in both versions and The promised differences are also quite subtle. To notice them, it is necessary to pay attention to elements such as Windows, where it is possible to notice that the computer produces reflections at a higher resolution compared to consoles.

While the jump in visual quality on PC isn’t impressive, The main advantage of the platform is increased performance. On consoles, Marvel’s Spider-Man is limited to running at a maximum of 60 frames per second, on PC Value is unlocked And make a huge difference in action moments – that is as long as you have a powerful enough car to take advantage of it.


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Source: GameXplain/YouTube


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