Marvel’ Spider-Man Remastered is already packed with mods on PC

Less than a week after its release, the title already has some interesting changes

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered It was released on PC late last week, and with that, something important is already happening in the game: the modifications. In a few days, users have already managed to do this Spiderman In Stan Lee, Kingpin and Miles Morales himself.

In general, modifications are used assets game, so far, so we still don’t have situations like CJ, GTA San Andreasswinging in a spider’s web. What we have is Miles Morales in his usual outfit used in the game, Peter Parker, Stan Lee, Mary Jane or even Abrut – recalling the times of the first Spider-Man movie game for the PS2, which allowed the use of similar characters. .

Another option ModInterestingly, it leaves the spider glowing in the dark – something that does not change the perception of the enemies, since it was not programmed into their artificial intelligence, but it gives a very interesting look to the Marvel hero.

The gameplay changes

beyond modifications There are also several mods available for the main character’s appearance that allow for situations such as changing the overall look of the title to look like a more cinematic or noir experience, or even turning off the game interface so that only Spider-Man is visible. On the screen, together with the city and possible enemies.

The most interesting thing is that it was all done in just one week – who knows what the future holds for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC in a few months, right? Expectations for other characters, even Marvel or ADPlus, there are even fan-made stories, and they can really help the success of this game – which is already the second largest release in the world. Sony on Steam.

In any case, with Mod Or without it, the title is great and should be played by as many people as possible — and released Steam Collaborates with this, getting exclusive on consoles only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5The original home of the hero’s adventures Marvel.

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We tested the game running on multiple graphics settings!


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