Magalu Games starts acting as a publisher and launches the first three mobile games

Luiza magazine held a conference this Wednesday afternoon (24) to announce its debut in the games market as a publisher in partnership with Brazilian studios. Magalu Games has released the first three titles available for Android and iOS phones.

The developers were selected through a public call for investment – in partnership with the BIG Festival, in November 2021 – whose three winners received financial resources and mentorship for their respective projects.

In this first moment, Magalu Games has prioritized the games considered in the hypercasual category – which registered about 13 billion downloads worldwide in 2021 – which are lighter and easier to run on smartphones. The first three are orbits conquerorO gear box This is Death Trap Night. TudoCelular has already tested titles that have been attracting the attention of consumers for a long time.

They are monetized through Luiza magazine’s own ads. For further projects – not only on mobile, but also on computers – the company may include microtransactions. The intention, in the future, is to integrate games with the company’s SuperApp to allow interaction with the entire ecosystem within the app.

“Brazil has huge potential not only as a consumer, but also as a hub for game developers. We can use games to drive more audiences to SuperApp, for example, and use their advertising potential.

Thiago Catoto

Director of Luizalabs

From publisher to studio?

As part of Luiza magazine’s proposal to create a brand hub, TudoCelular interviewed executives about future plans to acquire studios and create a development center.

According to Katoto, this model is not out of the question and could happen if there are opportunities in the market. In addition, the Magalu Games studio is also under development.


Games Invader Orbits, gear box and Death Trap Night Available in official stores, Google Play and App Store.

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