Magalu Games is coming to the market with three Brazilian games

O Magalu groupThe largest retail ecosystem in the country has invested more than R$100,000 in Brazilian video game studios and established a division. Magalu games. Investment in partnership A big festival Aims to act as an accelerator for independent studios.

First steps as a publisher

According to newzooIn 2021, the gaming market will move more than 2.3 billion USD Brasil. Thiago CatotoDirector Louisalab — Magalu’s Technology Sector — These numbers indicate that the country has huge potential not only as a consumer but also as a game developer.

Hyper casual games

Through investment calls, BIG Festival and Magalu Group have applied for more than BRL 100,000 for the “hypercasual” gaming sector. This amount was divided between the categories of games that are already playable, games that are not yet released and games that are still in development.

With this strategy, the retail group created a new Magalu games And it officially marked the conglomerate’s entry into the game distribution business. Moving into the “hobby” gaming segment mostly involves small-scale programmers who have good ideas but struggle to implement them due to lack of incentives.

own ecosystem

The new Magalu Games label works in synergy with the group’s various business segments, and this integration with games can be used to drive audiences to the company’s other products.

Initially, the games published by the group have the potential to capture and appeal to the public superapp. The long-term plan is to introduce an area within the proprietary app dedicated exclusively to gameplay. In doing so, the entire ecosystem directs the community to related products or other games with a style the user identifies with.

Inaugural Launches

Out of the gate, the Maglu Games have already begun SpeedBox, obrits conquers and Death Trap NightThree smartphone games of different styles, but all of the usual type.

developed Yellow pandain Santa Catarina, SpeedBox is a relaxing game where the goal is to collect boxes in increasingly difficult stages. The score depends on the time and strokes used to solve the puzzle. The more squares are covered, the less points the player gets.

In capture the orbits, the player uses orbit fields to collect stars and planets while avoiding red orbits. Despite the intuitive and initially simple gameplay, the challenges gradually develop. Thus, in more advanced stages, it may take a few minutes for the player to learn the best approach.

finally, Death Trap Night controls the player Kevin, a character bored in a palace. Fast-paced, the objective of Death Trap is to disable traps and avoid obstacles as you climb the floors of the palace. The game features customization, purchased using candies collected throughout the stages.

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