Machinery: Unreal’s alternate engine is canceling its development without any explanation

The company that owns the project asks users to destroy all their projects and platform code

Designed to directly compete with Unreal and Unity, The Machinery’s new engine project was canceled this Wednesday (3). The announcement was made in an email sent by the company Our Machinery, which commissioned the developers involved in the project. Delete everything that has already been created up to the moment.

Unfortunately, we have reached a point where it is no longer possible to continue in the current direction.“- said in the statement released by the company. So far the situation is visible Quite confusing given the lack of clarification on the subject Or specifying what is done with the engine from now on.

In addition to asking the developers involved to remove their projects, Our machine also warns that they will all lose access to creative tools. In two weeks, all usage licenses will expire, and there is a promise that involved users will get back their money invested in The Machinery.

Shutting down the engine raises suspicion

According to Hacker News, the evidence bears this out Our car was already planning to close the project in July this year.. Late last month, the company made changes to the engine’s terms of use, including a clause that obliges users. Delete all the content they created if it stops working.

The change was allowed under the terms of the company’s earlier contract, but it is still strange that the clause was inserted just days before it went into effect. When sending an email, Our machine also deleted the development blog and shut down all of his official server activity on Discord.

Although Machinery’s profile remains active on Twitter, it has not been updated since April of this year and Additional clarifications about the end of the project. The engine was intended to provide a modular solution for developers who could Work on custom aspects without having to develop a technology solution from scratch.


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Source: PC Gamer, Hacker News


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