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The game will also feature NFTs from avatars of LOUD streamers and influencers. (Image: Monomyto/Disclosure)

A Mononomyto, studio Brazilian for the mobile gaming market and sister company to LOUD announced its first game title this Thursday (30) blockchain.

Gunstars aims to be a free-to-play third-person shooter “battle royale” that seeks to create an internal economy through exclusive rewards, collectibles, and weapon transactions. NFTs between players.

Gameplay includes the ability to explore battlefields to collect supplies and weapons, surviving “battles” with up to 36 players.

The game is built on blockchain Solana (SOL)and currently has its own marketplace on the platform where items are traded in SOL.

Rafael Costa, Monomyoto’s founder, commented that the company moved more than $153 billion last year, and that LOUD’s sister company’s debut in the NFTs market has an “even bigger” goal.

For him, the goal is to integrate this niche market with a popular industry such as mobile gaming, and make it possible for the general public to learn more about digital assets, offering negotiating power on their own. match.

A simplified scheme of the game’s internal economy is shown on the project’s website. (Image: Gunstar/Reproduction)

Another innovation announced in the game is an interactive experience that connects fans and content creators, in which players can control their idols who are in the game like legends.

One example of this is the release of LOUD tokens in NFT to all wallets for free.

“In addition to the gameplay experience, we wanted to expand the possibilities, so we included Babb and Joker, both loud players, as legends in Gunstars. One, to bring the community closer to their favorite creators who are excelling in the gaming environment, so that they can also serve as examples for other creators who want to participate and grow with the project,” explains Costa.

For Victor Augusto – Joker – a streamer and influencer for LOUD, who started his career in mobile games, the format is accessible and loses nothing to PC.

“Mobile games [para celular] They have a very positive influence and achievement because they reach people much more easily. It shows that you don’t need a big structure to play and have fun with your computer. Being a referee within the game, with the ability to become the player’s favorite character, is a great achievement as a professional in this field,” he concludes.

A new era of blockchain gaming?

One issue that is often discussed in the blockchain gaming industry is the sustainability of the economy through more fun gameplay.

In addition, this thesis is often presented at the Consensus 2022 lectures, said Jason Brink, president of the blockchain Gala Games. Crypto Times who also believe in this idea.

For him, many blockchain games that failed were already doomed to this fate. It reinforces this, developers are trying to attract the attention of high-income players and forget about the part that really matters: the game itself.

“I don’t think the developers of Axie Infinity (AXS) expected thousands of Filipinos to jump into the game, collect tokens and sell them soon,” Brink told Crypto Times.

However, the president of Gala Games also said in the conversation that the trend of the future of blockchain games is also towards greater decentralization, and the power of ownership is transferred to the player.

In his Gunstar launch commentary, Rafael Costa comments that he wants the community and player base to have fun above all else.

“Good games that focus on the player experience create the opportunity for sustainable financial gain. This is our goal,” says Kosta.

The game became available starting this Thursday in all Latin American countries through the App Store and Play Store.

As announced, Gunstar also plans to encourage hyper-customization of avatars through equipment, clothing, hairstyles, expressions, and exclusive collectibles.

The formulation of Crypto Times Got early access to the game and was able to provide first impressions:

The gameplay is very similar to any other battle royale game. Anyone who has played “Pubg”, “Fortnite” for mobile or something similar will not have a hard time adapting.

The graphics and design of the game are fun and cheerfully colorful. The game mechanics are simple and, at first, there are no apparent crashes. There are daily rewards that can be used as tools to keep the user active in the game.

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