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Player League of Legends (LoL) Sued Riot GamesMato Grosso State Court of Justice (TJMT) to restore your account banned for toxicity. Despite the reasons and evidence for the use of the sentence, the game producer was forced to Lifting the banBecause it disrespected not only its own regulation but also the rights of consumers guaranteed by Brazilian law.

Leather “Kale Judge” from the League of Legends (Photo: Publicity / Riot Games)

Documents obtained in the process TechnoblogThe author is said to have received a sentence LOL “For demonstrating negative behavior” and had his own account Suspended forever By Riot Games. In the screenshots attached by the developer, The player was cursing his teammates In at least two different matches.

According to the producer LOLBefore the ban, The player received a temporary disqualification As a punishment for toxicity. The author of the trial was denied access to his account for 14 days. After a period, the individual repeated the aggressive behavior, resulting in the profile being permanently expelled.

Player Chat Log Forbidden Due to Toxicity (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)
Player Chat Log Forbidden Due to Toxicity (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)

The sentence in LoL should be commensurate with the severity

In League of Legendsspecifically, Expulsion is the final punishment Which the player can take. However, as stated in the Riot Games regulations themselves, this penalty applies The fourth mistake Of the individual. Prior to that, the perpetrators face three temporary sentences: Restrict two chats And Game Stop.

In the case of the plaintiff, the first penalty applied to his account was a two-week suspension – a fine that should only be applied The third case On violation of regulation. To justify the sentence, Riot Games said in the lawsuit that:

“[…] The use of scale punishment is not mandatory or mandatory and punitive steps can be prevented if it is proven that the user has used extremely toxic behavior such as, for example, superstition (racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, etc.). “Inappropriate behavior.”

Riot Games.

The information provided by the company is also posted on the official website League of Legends, Frequently Asked Questions about the game’s Instant Response System. This point theoretically allows the company Choose which sentence to use On a case-by-case basis.

Sentences in LoL should correspond to the severity scale (Image: Disclosure / Riot Games)
Sentences in LoL should correspond to the severity scale (Image: Disclosure / Riot Games)

Riot Games does not prescribe extreme toxicity

However, in the opinion of the Justice, this clause is problematic and violates the Consumer Protection Code (CDC). Riot Games only states in the text that “excessive negative behavior can result in a two-week or permanent suspension at any time.” However, the company does not specify what can be classified “Excessive Negative Behavior”.

In League of LegendsBy agreeing to the regulations, players have no prior knowledge of what can be considered extremely toxic behavior. In this case, Riot Games has complete control Decide for yourself which speeches deserve to be stopped or even banned, without chat restrictions.

It is also worth noting that the player after the ban Lost access to all content Account Gifts, Including Champions, Skins, and Other Riot Points – Virtual Currency LOL Purchased for real money. In this particular case, the plaintiff invested a total of Rs 1,719.

The player questioned the ban on tickets sent in support of Riot Games, but the company retained the penalty. Producer in Messages Did not grant protection to the user. Instead, the plaintiff was invited to return to the game with another score.

The TJMT judge found the sentence very severe

After hearing the conciliation, Judge Maria appealed to Ferreira Fago, from TJMT, to rule in favor of the player. In the document he heard this The plaintiff had toxic behavior. However, the judge also considered it The punishment used by Riot Games was very harsh And that the company could not grant the player protection.

“Although there is evidence of a breach of the defendant’s terms of use, on which binding is a mandatory condition for the use of the platform, the plaintiff’s practical conduct is de facto abusive, but does not justify immediate admission. Permanent ban and must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Now, it does not seem convincing that the obscenity expressed during the game automatically leads to permanent expulsion, such as committing a crime that violates human constitutional guarantees, such as equal treatment without any kind of superstition, because of color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and more. “Consequently, the defendant’s practical conduct violates the information duty, as well as beyond reason to apply the sentence.”

Maria appealed to Ferreira Fago, a TJMG judge.

Finally, the judge ordered the Riot Games Activate the banned player account within 15 days. If the deadline was not met, the company would have to reimburse the plaintiff’s 1719 BRL invested in the game. They demanded moral damages in the amount of R $ 6000, but the claim was not rejected.

Suit number 1040722-44.2021.8.11.0001 Closed in TJMT.

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