List of best indie games on Android to download and play on your mobile

Looking for indie games to pass the time on your smartphone? Check this list for results Google Play Indie Games Festivalwith some The best indie games for your Android device.

The best indie Android games to download and play on your mobile! – Image: Reproduction

The Google Play Indie Games Festival nominates the best Android indie games

The event seeks to give visibility to small local developers. This happened Europe, Japan and South Korea.

The finals were held in a personalized virtual world that allowed all participants to meet and access the titles. Each region had 20 finalists, from which 3 winners were selected, for a total of 9.

studios together games Those who stand out during the event will receive awards and visibility Google Play.

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The best indie Android games in Europe

Check out the three winners of the Indie Games Festival in Europe below!

Dungeons of Dreadrock

Image: Play / Google Play

A super creative game where you have to go through different areas on the mountain Dreadlock.

your developer, Christophe MinaierIt deserves to be congratulated for creating a game with such a well-executed narrative and gameplay.

Please touch the artwork

Image: Play / Google Play

developer Thomas Waterzoi Take you on a journey through the world of art as you touch many famous works. Something that is actually impossible to do.

Discover the secrets of various abstract art.


Image: Play / Google Play

Ivan Kovalov Bring you a very interesting puzzle. In it you rearrange lines and cells to solve different puzzles.

The best indie Android games in South Korea

Check out the three winners of the Indie Games Festival in South Korea below!

Dungeon Rogue: Legendary

Best indie android games
Image: Play / Google Play

THE Giant dice It also brought very interesting aesthetics to the game. on Dungeon Rogue: A legendary adventurer, you have semi-cartoony gameplay and a mixture of turn-based combat with chess and mortars. Unfortunately, it’s likely that you’ll only need a VPN to download the game.

The Lost Pages – The Beginning of the Bridle

Image: Play / Google Play

It’s a turn-based deck building game with super fun art. O The missing pages – the beginning of the bridlebrought gificrewTotally different from other card games.


Image: Play / IM GAME

A simple yet super addictive game pack never seen before on the Play Store. The page is described as a visual and creative experience and features games with basic and colorful geometric shapes.

Each game is a different experience.

Meow Tower: Nonograms has been voted the best indie Android game by popular vote

Image: Play / Google Play

Korea also opted for a super random puzzle full of cats Studio Boxcat As the most popular game of the year.

The best indie Android games in Japan

At the end of the list, we have 3 champion games in Japan!

Disaster Restaurant

Best indie android games
Image: Play / Google Play

How about cooking and making new recipes in an apocalyptic world? This is the basic story Disaster restaurantbrought Winter. You just have to be careful with the dishes because each one is a different battle.

Raspberry puree

Image: Play / Google Play

This is a game with a very interesting story, a girl who goes on a journey to take revenge on God. Destroy all your enemies with cheats with different weapons in this game with 8-bit graphics ignition m.


Image: Play / Google Play

This is another game with 8-bit graphics, this time brought to you GinolaboSOULVARS is a card-based RPG game with over 70 hours of planned content.

Your mission is to save souls, but for that you need to have a lot of strategy while training and exploring dungeons. Collect the best items in the game! Some online games may not be available BrasilThen you’ll need to use a VPN to download them!

For more information about the winners and the Indie Games Festival, you can read this article Android Developers Blog!

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