Lion: Unity releases new demo running at 4K@30FPS on PlayStation 5

During a presentation at SIGGRAPH 2022, Unity presented a demo showing 4K video at 30 FPS running on PlayStation 5. Called Lion, it was created exclusively for presentation at the meeting, which ends this Thursday (11).

In addition to the Unity Editor, other tools have been used to give almost realistic contours to images. Company W?t? Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva and SyncSketch were also part of the creation process.

The video is only 24 seconds long, but shows the gigantic graphic power in the images. Of particular note is the realism and rendering of the two lions that are part of the video, especially in animal skins. For this they used the new tool W?t? Digital.

Despite the impressive graphics featured in Lion, Unity technical artist Sarah Hansen said the new creation tools are even easier to work with. The process has been advanced several times thanks to new technologies.

“It only takes a few weeks. Some go from weeks of building other tools to a day or two on Wig (a new program from W?t? Digital with much better quality levels, plus more artist control,” Hansen said. .

Real-time optimization

Sarah Hansen said that the suite Unity used best in creating Lion makes hair simulations, for example, dynamic in real time. It’s all thanks to the system released on the company’s GitHub.

“The suite of improvements includes a new GPU-driven clustered hair simulation that allows millions of strands of hair to react dynamically in real-time, part of Unity’s new hair system released on GitHub. This approach is based on the hair simulation used for amazing. Digital Human showcase, Enemies, and extends the method to handle multiple orders of magnitude more efficiently on the GPU.”


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Source: Wccftech


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