Lightyear Frontier: Have your own UFO farm in this game for Xbox Series S | X and PC

The game will be released for Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC in 2023 directly on Game Pass

THE Investing in the Amplifier Game A new project was announced today Xbox & Bethesda Games ExhibitionApprox Boundary of light years, A game that will put you in the role of an intergalactic farmer with Mecca, who will have to cultivate alien cultures on the planet, somewhere in the galaxy. The game will come out Xbox Series S | X And Pracha (Windows), reaches Game The pass On his release.

According to Sebastian Faura, Social Media and Digital Content Manager Gives Investing in the Amplifier GameYou will explore the different environments of the new planet, find new mysterious plants and make friends, in addition to discovering the secrets hidden in the universe. Year of Light Boundary.

You will be able to move around the lands of an alien planet with three more friends, in addition to your plantation being completely on your way, you will be able to adjust your Mecca using new technologies.

Watch the announcement trailer below. Year of Light Boundary.

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Check out more details Boundary of light years Down.

“Using the environment around you is key to starting a good farm! Collect alien seeds while exploring this new planet in the wild. Start by creating your main farm, use Seed Shooter to sow seeds and water the terrain. First, with enough research, you will have access to more , Fertilizers and other technologies that will help you develop a high quality, sustainable field.

Sometimes, the planet’s climate will work in your favor due to heavy rains, however bad weather can also negatively affect and damage even your crop. Each plant has different conditions and needs, so keep an eye on their health! Once mature, these foreign plants can be sold or used as a component. These components can be manufactured in mechanical modules, buildings and more.

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What are your expectations Boundary of light years? Did you like what was shown in the game presentation? Share your opinion in the comments!

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