Lies of P: The game will take 30 hours to complete

The game director explained that it will take up to 60 hours of gameplay to discover all of the game’s secrets

Developed by Neowiz, Lies of P is one of the most anticipated indie games of the coming year. Director Choi Ji-won revealed new information about the game, stating that the player will get an average of 30 hours until the end of the game.

However, 30 hours won’t be enough to see all of Lies of P’s content. More dedicated players interested in discovering all the secrets and seeing all the multiple endings will need to invest around 60 hours to complete the game. O The director did not comment on whether the length of the game is related to the difficulty of the game. For Choi, the average running time of 30 hours is ideal to please most audiences. Both players who are looking for more experience and those who prefer not to spend too much time on the same game.

The director feels honored by Blooborne Comparison

In an interview with Gamereactor during Gamescom, director Choi Ji-won said that he is a big fan of Bloodborne. “I feel very honored to have the Bloodborne name associated with my art. So I’m very honored.”

Lies of P is inspired by the story of Pinocchio and takes place in the Belle Époque, which took place in the late 19th century and before the First World War. From the trailers released, both the setting and gameplay are heavily inspired by Bloodborne. Animations and weapons include many elements found in FromSoftware’s classics.

The game will have multiple endings, influenced by the actions and lies told by the player during the narration. So far, we don’t know exactly how this mechanic will work. Another detail will be the presence of dynamic weather, with rainy days and even snow. According to the director, the development of the game is at an advanced stage, about 70% completed.

Lies of P will be released in winter 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and also Game Pass.

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