LG OLED: A new update for C1 and G1 TVs comes with a change in Game Optimizer

TV Optimizer mode for TVs is now automatically activated when using Dolby Vision to detect games

Games that support the feature Dolby Vision From now on they will make televisions LG OLED C1 And G1 Automatically activate the mode Game OptimizerThis is one of the novelties in the new Software update 03.30.06 By running LG. In addition to the novelty of the games, the voice recognition function of the web OS has also been improved and the Accessibility menu has also been improved.

The Company has not reported any other minor improvements or corrections to this update. Check out what’s new in the update below 03.30.06.

  • Voice recognition performance has improved.
  • When playing games with Dolby Vision, it automatically switches to Game Optimizer mode.
  • The usability of the access menu has been improved to help people with disabilities.

Check out the list of models that are compatible with the new update below.


The upgrade process is very simple and only requires internet access via TV if you check out the automatic upgrade option webOS On your TV, you will receive an on-screen notification when an update is available, and you can also manually check your TV for a new update. Settings> All Settings> Support> Software Update. On this screen you can Check for updates And also see the current version of the software installed on your TV, remember that the current version is 03.30.06You can also test the option Automatic updateAllowing you to always get the most up-to-date version of your TV operating system.

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If you do not have an Internet connection on your TV, you can select an upgrade using an external memory device. USB As Pen drives And Hard drivesAll you have to do is log on to the official LG website, enter your TV model and download the update file, after this process just connect the device to the TV to update the system.

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