Leviathan: The No Man’s Sky expedition promises that death is not the end

A new update to the game makes it a scam in the best comeback style

Has long since surpassed its controversial release; No Man’s Sky Continues to receive updates that revise its gaming cycle and key concepts. This Wednesday (25), The game takes the Leviathan eventWhich promises to turn it into a scam in the best style of games like Return.

The developer’s promise is that Will make a new update “Death is not the end, Invites players to enter various adventure cycles. When Leviathan’s resources are depleted, After death, No Man’s Sky players will lose individual progress And will have to restart space exploration with a new set of items.

The new game mode is based entirely on the collective advancement of the player community: As each person lives longer, this enhances the world picture of progress. Hello Games promises that it will gradually unlock higher quality items that will be offered to the community with each new life used by its individual members.

Break the death cycle

The developer also explains this Collaboration and collective progress will be the only elements that can break the cycle of loops They were brought to Leviathan. The name of the expedition is also associated with the mysterious creature of the same name, whose true identity and characteristics are gradually revealed.

In addition to having to deal with new playing conditions, With the advent of No Man’s Sky, the level of difficulty will increase significantly. Hello Games explains that all settings will change at the level of survival mode, which should bring a number of limitations and additional concerns for players.

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The promise is this Leviathan’s new experiment will last for six weeks, Until a new update enters the game and changes its rules. To participate in the event simply start with a New Community ExpeditionWhich should immediately yield a series of rewards such as posters and visuals for ships with a limited time.


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Source: The Verge, Hello Games


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