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Autumn boys It became free on all platforms, but some old players were not happy with this news. Since the Jelly Bean Battle Royale monetization model was changed on June 17, users have Criticized not only new digital currenciesas well as Battle Pass mechanicsInherited Fortnite.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Photo: Handout / Epic Games)

The biggest frustration of the old players is related Level of fame – The resource needed to upgrade to the paid version of the Battle Pass and get a visual reward. However, gaining popularity is only possible through the game. The difference in experience gained after the first or last matches is very small.

For some players Autumn boys, It is not worth the effort to win the crown at the end of the matches. After all, CrownsHaving previously unlocked the best cosmetics of Battle Royale, reduced to simple coins that can only be used to upgrade to the free Battle Pass version, with less attractive rewards.

Because of Unbalanced gaining popularity And Depreciation of the crownOlder players preferred to gain experience only by participating in first-round matches. You can even prove mathematically that this method is really the fastest way to develop a Battle Pass.

Losing costs more to gain popularity

At redditUser Hold_my_cocoa Has published a series of photos showing the achievements of popularity with the completion of matches in six possible rounds. In the first round, the player received 24 Spots. To secure the crown, the account went up 107.

Game In my experience, the whole game Autumn boys Lasts, on average, 10 minutes. Each round can be extended Two to three minutesAccording to the number of players and the challenge offered.

In 10 minutes a person can stay until the end to secure a one-time reward of 107 points. However, at the same time, the player can participate Five different matchesYou will be eliminated in the first round and get 24 points in each attempt, guaranteed A total of 120 points.

Gamers are not having fun in Fall Guys

In addition to personal satisfaction, Fighting to win the game makes no sense Autumn boys. Therefore, some players fail to have fun in the game. In the main analysis that was published redditUser FearMeIAmLag1 Well sums up the public feeling with the following words:

“There are a lot of mistakes here and it absolutely punishes both new and old players. Games are not fun if there are no rewards and Autumn boys Gives very little to players. This game will not be profitable if no one plays and spends money. “


So far, it seems that the issue of awards does not concern the developer Mediatonic nor the publisher Epic Games. In the end, Autumn boys The peak was reached by 20 million players in the first 48 hours after the debut of the first free season.

However, in the long run this reality may change.

Info: Destructoid, GameRant.

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