LEGO Bowser has 2,800 pieces and costs over R$1,400

The new set “The Mighty Bowser” from the LEGO Super Mario line stands almost 32 cm tall and packs a few surprises.

LEGO fans, hide your wallets! In partnership with Nintendo, the company has just announced a new set for the LEGO Super Mario line. Entitled The Mighty Archer, the set recreates the iconic villain down to the smallest detail, In total, there are no less than 2807 pieces.

with Almost 32 centimeters tallMighty Bowser is considered by LEGO to be the largest Super Mario set sold today.

In addition to its size, the new Bowser impresses with its complexity. We have Side buttons that allow you to move the head from side to side and a trigger that controls the opening of the mouth. When you pull it all the way, you’ll see it shoot a fireball that mimics one of the villain’s attacks.

Carl Merriam, LEGO’s senior designer, notes that the company was inspired by puppets to make Bowser’s movements even more dynamic. When typing on a character with your hands, you’ll see their legs and tail retract, Recreating the jumping animation seen in Nintendo games.

Each member can be individually controlled (including arms, legs, head and tail) to create your favorite pose. The box also brings the pieces as part of the classic scenario, with rights to the red carpet, pilasters made to collapse, a cracked floor and two torches on the sides.

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According to Merriam, despite the unique design, only a few pieces remain unpublished – for example Teeth, fingers, horns, body edge and warhead 3x3x3 that make up the spines of the back. All others were assembled from existing parts that were used repeatedly in car and aircraft kits.

Interacts with other Lego Super Mario sets

Commenting on the work done, senior designer Didier Aghani said that the “epic” design of The Mighty Bowser set had to be supplemented with interactivity to match the digital assets of the LEGO Super Mario series.

Accordingly, buyers will be able to use LEGO Mario, Luigi and Peach prepare to “battle” against BowserWith sounds that many people will recognize from the classic games.

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Price and availability

The Mighty Bowser Set will be sold in the United States Starting October 1 of this year for $269.99 (almost 1450 reais with direct conversion). LEGO has yet to comment on product availability in Brazil.

See more details on the official The Mighty Bowser set page. Enjoy and also check out our LEGO PC Gamer build made with lots of patience and blocks:

Lego PC Gamer: We built a high quality machine on blocks!

Lego PC Gamer: We built a high quality machine on blocks!
I doubt that there is a more tailored cabinet than ours


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