Learn about resources used in online RPG games

Today you will know everything about the resources used in online role-playing games.

Role-playing games are much older than mobile phones. Although many people don’t know it, they started with tabletop and even board RPGs. Basically, players have to play their characters. Meanwhile, one of them takes the role of master and creates a sequence of events in history.

One of the great systems of this game is Dungeons and Dragons, which still inspires movies, series and other games. But it is not alone, after all, there are many other systems. Each of them has its own peculiarity and visual identity. Just like no two MMO games are the same.

We all know a few games with their own mechanics that fit into the RPG genre. However, not everyone has the same qualities. From the knowledge about the resources in the games and the ways to obtain them, it is possible to determine their level of difficulty.

Thus, searching for your ideal game to pass the time becomes easier and simpler.

What does it take to develop online role-playing games?

Characters typically progress through the game by acquiring health, experience points, attributes, or other indicators of power. Character attributes should influence the player’s combat experience.

This could mean that the damage dealt is affected by the player’s speed or strength. Effects from items or player mimic entrances do not count.

There is no need to collect items in the game. Instead, players have a flexible inventory that includes weapons, armor, spells, healing items, and other tools. Any game that includes all three of the above elements is a proper role-playing game. Below are six examples of online RPG games.

Immortal Diablo

This online role-playing game is an MMO that follows the line of the game series that preceded it. Past games are targeted at PlayStation consoles. But don’t worry, you don’t need to know the previous history to understand the context of this game, which is aimed at Android and iOS.

The resources used in it are diverse. After all, characters have classes that change the way you interact with the game. Depending on the character, for example, there are magic, weapons, potions with different effects, specific abilities such as healing.

There are also protective items such as armor, rings and necklaces. So as the game progresses, you learn how and where to use each of them. Thus, there is a classic RPG with a variety of resources.

Albion online

RPG Albion

It is a slightly more complex game with more involved interactions and exchanges between online players. Therefore, the resources available on Albion Online are numerous. Starting, for example, with the equipment itself, which you can find in many ways. Mainly through chests, banks and battle vaults.

Like most RPGs, resources also include attack, defense, and trade. ie: there are things that are used to attack, such as swords and arrows. Although there are defense-oriented elements such as armor and shields. Finally, there are items that go back into the trade. Because the game will release an additional feature aimed at the market.

From this trading feature, players can sell and buy gear from each other and from in-game NPCs. However, it is necessary to wait for the new update to fully know what the functionality and rules are.


Although it is not as famous and not as common as action games, Trove has a similar look to Minecraft. It is an open world game where the characters must create their own resources in the scenario they discover. In this sense, they have to cut down trees to use the wood and search for ores in the ground.

However, it is a much more cooperative game than most RPGs. So, in order to have any real progress, it is necessary for two or more players to team up to create their own sources of survival. Although it is very similar to Minecraft, there is a fundamental difference in role-playing and evolution.

There are people who refer to Minecraft as RPG games. After all, it provides character evolution and there are combat options in the game mechanics. However, better work is still needed in the gaming world. Therefore, it does not have a general and decisive consensus.

Stardew Valley

Also away from the theme of combat and action, this online RPG game moves to agriculture and role management. Therefore, the resources that make it available are tutorials based on dialogue between characters and NPCs. In addition, there is a warehouse where the produced food is stored.

The game also provides us with the necessary tools to maintain the farm, either by buying coins from sales or by searching chests. However, the passage of time is very relevant in the game. After all, the goal is to simulate waiting for the right time to harvest.

The main thing about this game is that one of the most important features is multiplayer cooperation. That is, it is possible to invite three friends to help with the maintenance of the farm. In this way, online interaction opens up many possibilities that will be explored in each update. In addition, Stardew Valley’s story is designed to connect players.


Runescape resources can also be classified according to their usefulness. After all, there are those who are dedicated to direct combat. In the game, they are called Attack, Defense, Strength, Magic, Ranged, and Physical. However, items are also needed to unlock the story.

Overall, the most sought after resource by players is gold. After all, having another item can be used to buy any other item and continue the story at your own pace. However, this is not always easy to achieve. You have to complete a series of missions that can take a significant amount of time.

That’s why many players are looking for a Runescape gold seller. After all, the game is an MMO and you can buy any gold you want with real money. So, for those who are interested in instant advancement, this is the best solution. Just be careful and choose the most trusted sites to transact with.

Divine Original Sin

Like Baldur’s Gate, Divinity is an online role-playing game that follows a story called a campaign. Within this story, players can create their characters and fulfill their roles through choices. However, the exploration of the environment and side points is also well developed. In total, there are two Divinity games.

However, both games use the same type of resources. First, you need to know how to spend the coins you get from missions, looting NPCs, and selling items. In addition, any item from the scenario can be taken and sold. However, NPCs can become aggressive and start fighting when they are robbed.

In general, the resources of online RPG games that simulate life are very well studied. Players claim that the game’s level of interaction is quite promising. After all, marriage between an NPC and a player is possible. Apart from having various objectives and helping to encourage the e-gaming industry.

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