Leaked GTA, Nubank Denies Bankruptcy, and RTX 4090: Roundup of the Week

In another busy week, starting with Rockstar being hacked at the start – and the alleged intruder being arrested at the end – TecMundo Brings a summary of everything that has happened in the last few days and is worth reading.

Plus, you’ll find the latest in electronics (including Nvidia’s crazy new GPUs), the iPhone 14, and more in our weekly roundup.

GTA 6 hack leaked

Rockstar Games suffered a hack attack last week (16) and the much-awaited GTA 6 was leaked. The action was carried out by a 17-year-old teenager, who also recently broke into Uber.

The gaming giant has been working with the FBI to investigate the case and regretted the leak of GTA 6 pre-production footage. While some people were criticizing the game based on the 2019 videos, the developers showed solidarity and started revealing their looks. Great titles in the early stages of their creation in the gaming world.

On Friday (23), police in London allegedly arrested a teenage hacker with links to the cybercriminal group LapSus.

RTX 4090 and more news from Nvidia

Nvidia has released its latest high-end video card, the RTX 4090. In addition to the new model that will be released in October for R$ 15,000, the company revealed two versions of the new RTX 4080 and other technologies.

The main highlights are DLSS 3.0, to improve game performance using AI, and RTX Remix, which allows you to remake old games with modern solutions such as Ray Tracing.

Windows 11’s biggest update has arrived

On September 20, Microsoft released Windows 11 22H2, a new version of the company’s operating system. The release marks the first major system update to reflect a new method of distributing annual resource updates.

The update is now available for download on compatible devices via Windows Update. New features of the update include improvements to the Start menu, optimization of the task manager and improvements to File Explorer – see more here. However, the new generation of Windows 11 was not without problems at launch.

iPhone 14 problems

The iPhone 14 just hit the market — not in Brazil, where we still don’t have an official sales start date — and already a few issues have been discovered. Users have already complained about at least six bugs that Apple is trying to fix.

The iPhone 14 is not yet available for purchase in Brazil.

The main one caused the device’s camera to shake (physically, as well), which prevented proper use in apps like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. In addition, iOS 16 also brought annoying bugs like repeated security prompts. This week, Apple released iOS 16.0.2 to ease the hearts of early buyers.

Nubank will not go bankrupt

Nubank released a note saying it would not be closing in Brazil. The action was necessitated by the financial restructuring of the company, which will no longer have BDRs listed on the B3 stock exchange. According to Digital Bank, some people have interpreted the financial shift as the possible “death” of fintech.

However, the company assures you: everything is fine. “You can be sure that nothing changes for the customer. On the contrary, Nubank continues to grow, with an efficient business model and profits in operations in Brazil,” concludes Nubank.

This week’s releases

Also last week, we had some really cool product launches. Here’s a good summary for those who may have missed something:

  • After several leaks, Google has officially unveiled the Chromecast HD bundled with Google TV for $30, but with no release date in Brazil.

  • Amazon also launched a new product for its line of e-readers: the 16GB Kindle Paperwhite arrives in Brazil on November 8 for R$799.

  • Logitech has finally revealed its handheld console called the Logitech G Cloud. Made in partnership with Microsoft and Nvidia, the product only runs games in the cloud, but it costs the same as the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch overseas ($299).

  • The Apple Watch 8 and the new Watch SE arrived in Brazil this Friday (23). Prices start from 3400 rubles.


Unexpectedly, Apple has increased the price of Apple TV+, Apple Music and Apple One services in Brazil. Values ​​were up to 50% more expensive – see changes.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced he’s going to be a dad again, but the new baby will arrive at a time of “skinny cows” for the Meta CEO. After several falls in the company, the billionaire fell significantly in the ranking of the richest people in the world.

Warning: TSE has issued a notice stating that your voter registration will not be canceled via WhatsApp, Telegram or email. Some fraudsters send fake messages to steal voter data.

YouTube is investing heavily in Shorts and will begin monetizing the format in 2023. Meanwhile, the standard version of the platform is facing criticism: clicking the button seems to have nothing to do with the user experience.

Riding on the momentum of rival Nvidia, AMD has announced a new wave of processors, the Ryzen 7020 line. In addition, the company said that it will finally launch its new GPUs in November.

More news:

this week, TecMundo He also talked to presidential candidate Ciro Gomez (PDT). The video is a part about the series Elections 2022in which all candidates were invited to speak for 40 minutes on science and technology proposals.

Movies and series of the week

last season Brooklyn Nine Nine It has finally arrived on Netflix.

Series The Winchesterswhich expands the world of the loved one Supernatural, won the trailer. The production, which follows Dean and Sam’s parents, opens on October 11.

reloading Hellraiser Scary trailer won! The feature film premieres on Hulu on October 7th and is set to arrive in Brazil via Star+.

Director M. Night Shyamalan is back with a movie Knock in the cabin, which won the trailer last week. A preview of the film, set to premiere in 2023, shows Dave Bautista terrorizing his family to “avoid the apocalypse.”

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