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It won’t be long before we hear about Stray, a game by Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studios in which we explore a cyberpunk city under the control of a cat. The game’s release date is scheduled for July 19, and those who subscribe to PS Plus Extra and Deluxe will be able to play it on the day of the premiere.

team MeuPlayStation Collected basic information about the title in this special, where you will be all about the work. One of Stray’s trophies requires you to allow 100 mio for your entire adventure, you know? Oh, and the DualSense will have unique interactions with cats.

Stray’s story

PlayStation released a page sharing various details about the game. The cat, the main character of the story, mysteriously ended up in this futuristic city. Our mission is simple: to help you escape from this place using your skills.

NPCs react differently to the cat’s presence (Source: PlayStation)

To improve, your walk in the tramp will not be a solitary one. The B-12 drone will follow the hero throughout the adventure, and without realizing why we need his sudden help, he will still be a kind of “translator” for the players to understand the robots and what is happening on the streets.

The city is populated by a variety of humanoid robots, each of which lives its day among the remains of what used to be a human settlement. Each robot reacts differently to the sight of a cat, and you will learn which types are friendly and which are not.

Where did the people go? How did the cat end up in this place? We have to figure it all out by solving puzzles and collecting memories.

The walled city of Kowloon became a source of inspiration

Blue Twelve Studios used the walled city of Kowloon, China as inspiration for The Tramp. The reason is simple: the “concentration of housing and several levels” would be the perfect playground for a cat. In the end, it was just a matter of turning on the neon lights and filling the streets with humanoid robots.

The addition of robots to this environment creates an intriguing narrative and a stark contrast between their synthetic yet humanoid nature, the organic feel of the city, and the noticeable lack of humans.

A stray cat walks the streets of the city

B-12 is quite an assistant

The B-12 is a very useful drone. It is responsible for updating us on mission objectives, works as a mobile inventory, and is a great weapon against backs, the cat’s main enemies.

Since most NPCs are humanoid machines, it will perform the robot alphabet translation if needed. Most of the townspeople are friendly, and the cat will eventually make friends thanks to its relationship with the electronic companion.

a tramp
B-12 stores items while the cat travels (Source: PlayStation)

Stray Trophies offer a fun, not-too-long game

Walking the streets, sleeping, scraping objects in the landscape, and dropping objects are among the 25 objectives required to achieve the platinum trophy.

Stray cat in the sewer

The developers have introduced mechanics that can make Stray’s gameplay interesting, and in addition, one of the achievements asks you to complete the adventure in two hours.

A cat explores the city as a stray
(Source: PlayStation)

With this information, it is possible to come up with a very fun proposal, but not too extensive.

DualSense gives players different sensations

Whether exploring the environment or sleeping, DualSense interacts with stress. The setting conveys these sensations using the console’s tactile feedback, and the feature will also be present when the cat falls asleep. According to the developers, it will feel like it’s crawling in your hand. Interesting, isn’t it?

The game is coming to PS Plus on its debut, but it’s not exclusive to the service

Stray isn’t exclusive to PS Plus (let alone PlayStation). The game will have versions for PS4, PS5 and PC. The global release is on July 19th, and yes, it will be in the Extra tier catalog upon debut.

Remember: Adventures come to work Doesn’t mean the game is yours forever. Sony encourages library rotation, so enjoy while the title is available. Pricing on the PS Store has not yet been released by PlayStation.

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