Last quarter, Sony sold 2.4 million PS5s; Game sales fell 26%

The drop, according to Sony, is the result of several exclusive game releases during the period.

Sony has cut its annual revenue forecast as a result of lower console sales growth PlayStation 5 Compared to the same period last year and also down 26% overall game sales on their platforms. The company believes that the situation is a result of few exclusive releases during that period and the fact that people are not playing video games as much as in previous years.

Overall, in the last quarter, Sony 2.4 million were sold PlayStation 5vs. 2.3 million in the same period last year – which, as mentioned above, is only a 4% increase. As a result, the platform reached 21.7 million units sold.

These factors along with the purchase Bung for Sonywhich recently closed at a cost of $3.7 billion to the company, leading to a 16% drop in annual profit forecasts.

Sony estimates it will sell 18 million PlayStation 5 units in fiscal 2022, which ends in March 2023. So far, that forecast hasn’t been changed by the company, which believes console availability could be an issue – but to put the numbers into perspective, it expects to sell around 5 million consoles per quarter by the end of the fiscal period.

Lowering annual profit expectations Sony This is another indication that the boom in video game sales and usage during the Covid-19 pandemic may be over. During the period of social isolation, many people finished their consoles much more and therefore spent more on games, accessories and the like.

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Now, in 2022, the scenario is different, with many returning to face-to-face/hybrid work or even leaving the home – spending less time playing video games and thus reducing their spending in this environment.

THE MicrosoftFor example, although no specific sales figures are available, its latest financial results report revealed that Xbox It’s down 11% in the last quarter, which is a bit more of a trend — even for a video game Great technicalIt was the best quarter in its history.

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PS5: All games with 120 FPS support are now available
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Source: Reuters


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