Last Oasis MMO developers admit that the game is terrible, promise changes

The Donkey Crew decided to change the essence of the game to ensure its survival

While it’s not uncommon for games to completely change their look after receiving updates, few companies are as transparent as Donkey Crew. In a message posted on Steam, The developer admitted that the MMO Last Oasis is in a terrible state and it needs significant changes. Have chances to become good in future.

The first signs that something was wrong with the game appeared on July 5 of this year, when The creators admitted that he was not funny. According to the designer responsible for the project, after hours of survival adventures, the development team felt that It did not bring the necessary elements to distinguish itself among competitors.

As a result of self-analysis, Last Oasis began its fifth season last Tuesday (2), love repair, that promises Change key aspects of your experience. The game will now focus almost exclusively on PvE combat, which promises to be much more challenging than previous versions of the game. Battles with other players, however, still exist. will become completely optional..

Last Oasis must conquer a crueler world

Update too It promises a more brutal game world, making players work harder to stay fed and safe. with that The environment should become the threat that the players have to fightwhich should show the survival characteristics of an MMO.

Last Oasis also included a A new fixed base systemLimits the use of units known as foot soldiers to exploration and combat missions whose main purpose is to obtain resources. Game designers acknowledge that the changes may not be for everyoneBut decided to create them as a way to ensure that the title has the potential to attract more people.

The MMO entered early access in March 2020 and has since gone through a A problematic development process Which already included temporarily shutting down its servers. still waiting for the release date The game is on sale at a 50% discount on Steam (R$34.99) until August 8.


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Source: PC Gamer


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