Lana’s Planet, an Xbox and PC exclusive indie, has been pushed back to Q2 2023

From AAA to India: 2022 is not forgiving

Announced at last year’s Summer Game Festival, Lana’s Indie Planet caught the eye of the behemoths. The game was scheduled to be released in 2022. But developer Wishfully announced today that the game has been delayed until the second quarter of 2023.

Lana’s Planet seems to be one of those 2D adventure games with puzzles and lots of contemplative moments like Inside, Little Nightmares, FAR series and many more. When declaring a delay, I would like the following:

“A lot has happened since our last update in early June, and I have news for you today, both good and… less good. Let’s start with the less good news: Lana’s Planet is moving its 2022 release to spring (our fall) 2023. That’s quite a bit for us. It’s been a passion project for a long time, so we want to make sure that when it’s finally available, you’ll have a problem-free time with it. So now it’s time for the good news: we’ll be at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne next week. That means you can get your hands on it. Play the first demo of Lana’s Planet and dive into our favorite puzzle game with Lana and Mui.”

The game tells the story of a planet that has been invaded by alien forces. The title description focuses on presenting Lana’s planet as a “colorful world” and beautiful, which is evident in the trailer and images. “This is a story about a beautiful, vibrant planet and the journey to keep it that way.”

The main characteristics of the planet Lana

  • A game based on camaraderie
  • Solve puzzles with a variety of challenges and strange twists
  • Overcome dangerous situations with stealth and cunning
  • Use your reflexes and survive the challenging action sequences
  • Discover an epic story that spans centuries and galaxies

Planet of Lana is one of several games that have been delayed in recent months. If you click here and here you will see that there are a lot of games played for 2023 in this month of August alone.

Lana’s Planet is a Microsoft exclusive title coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC now in 2023.


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