Lady Dimitrescu Tempts Fans In Amazing Resident Evil Village Cosplay

The Resident Evil game franchise is one of the most popular in the gaming world. The game has already inspired several film productions that have not been well received by fans of the franchise. But if there’s one group that’s well-represented, it’s cosplayers! This time, cosplayer Pugofka reproduced the character Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village and the result is impressive! Learn more about Leddy below:

Meet Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

The character recently appeared at the launch of Resident Evil Village in 2021. The woman has golden eyes, fair skin, black hair and wears heavy red lipstick. Lady, also known as a vampire, eats human flesh and blood due to a hereditary disease. To maintain his power, the villain consumed the flesh of the prison spawn.


The success of the game franchise around the world

Resident Evil was the best-selling video game franchise from production company Capcom, which excelled in the horror game genre, with 117 million units sold worldwide. The world of zombies, infected and modified creatures has acquired a popular taste and is still one of the most relevant games in the gaming world.

The 1996 gaming hit expanded its universe and inspired a film franchise. In 2002, the first film called “Resident Evil: The Cursed Guest” was released, and in the following years, 6 more films from the collection were released. The films featured actress Milla Jovovich, who played the character of Alice in all of the Resident Evil films.

The major streaming platform – Netflix – has recently released a series based on the game franchise.

Check out this beautiful cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu

The cosplayer was inspired by the vampire character from Resident Evil Village and was impressed with the result of his work. With a costume and make-up identical to Lady, Pugofka managed to be the personification of the character! Check out this amazing cosplay that paid homage to the villainous Lady Dimitrescu:

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