Kojima Productions still maintains a good relationship with the PlayStation

Through social networks, Kojima ProductionsIndependent producer and responsible for Hideo Kojima Death StrandingAssured this Monday (13) that Still maintains a good relationship with the PlayStation.

The publication answered users’ questions after Hideo Kojima announced a new project in partnership with Microsoft at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. It was thought that the studio would stop working with the PlayStation, but this is not the case.

“Since our partnership with Microsoft using cloud technology, many people have asked about our partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Rest assured that we will continue to have a good partnership with PlayStation as well.”Writes on the official profile of the studio.

Hideo Kojima’s new project has received virtually no details on Microsoft. It is described as a game that the producer “always wanted to work on” and that uses cloud technology to create “an Xbox game like no one has ever tried before”.

With that in mind, it’s no secret that the producer has always wanted to work on a horror game, and journalist and insider Tom Henderson said that this new title, called Overdose, will follow that path.

Through an anonymous source, the journalist, who has a long history of hits, watched a video with a new character played by Margaret Quell – Mother De. Death Stranding.

“The material shows a character in the third person walking through dark corridors using a flashlight, but suggests that the game could be played in the first person as well.”Explained the insider.

finally, This will not be the only ongoing project at Kojima Productions. Actor Norman Reedus would confirm this once again Death Stranding 2 Is in the process of processing. “We have just started a second”The actor, who plays Sam in the lead role, responded in an interview with the website Leo Edit in May this year.

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